Flag of the State of Missouri

Support the state of Missouri and victims of the tornado that wreaked havoc on Joplin and neighboring areas by flying the Missouri State Flag this month.

Before 1913, Missouri did not have an official state flag. In 1908, however, the Daughters of the American Revolution set out to form a committee to create and design a flag for Missouri. Marie Elizabeth Oliver, who was the head of this committee and also the wife of Missouri State Senator Robert Burnett Oliver, ended up designing the official state flag. The flag of the State of Missouri was adopted on March 22, 1913, nearly 92 years after Missouri joined the Union the 24th state.

The Missouri State Flag contains important features that express national patriotism and also a sense of state pride and individuality. The background of the flag of Missouri contains three horizontal stripes: the top stripe is red, the middle stripe is white, and the bottom stripe is blue. The red, white, and blue colors obviously pay homage to the flag of the United States of America. In the Missouri state flag, however, the colors also have specific meanings representing core values of the United States and of the people of Missouri. The red stripe represents valor; the white stripe stands for purity; and the blue stripe represents justice, vigilance, and permanence.

In the center of the flag is the Great Seal of the State of Missouri. In the center of the seal is the Missouri coat of arms, which has special symbolic meaning. The crescent moon in the top left corner of the coat of arms reminds Missourians that their state was only the second state formed from the Louisiana Purchase and also reminds state residents that they have the power to make their future better than their past. The grizzly bear at the bottom of the seal represents the strength and courage of people of Missouri. Above the shield is a large star surrounded by 23 smaller stars, representing the hardships Missourians endured before the state was able to join the Union. There are also 24 stars on the outer edge of the seal.

The seal also contains two important Latin mottoes. The first phrase, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” reminds the people of Missouri of the importance of the United States. The second phrase, “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law,” reminds Missourians that the state government’s purpose is to improve the lives of its residents.

Flag of Texas

The flag of Texas is one of the most popular United States flags. The flag is rectangular and has three fields. The blue field is vertical, on the left of hoist side of the flag. In the center of the blue field is a white stripe. The other two fields on the flag of Texas are horizontal and consist of a white field on the top half of the flag and a red field on the bottom. The flag of Texas is known as “The Lone Star Flag,” because of the single white star on the banner.

Senator William H. Wharton introduced the design for the Lone Star flag to the Congress of the Republic of Texas on December 28, 1838, when Texas was an independent nation. The congress officially adopted the banner less than one month later, on January 24, 1839, as the national flag of the Republic of Texas. When Texas became a state of the Union in 1845, the Lone Star flag became the state flag, although this was not official until 1933.

The Lone Star flag is highly revered among Texans and has great symbolic meaning. According to the official Texas code, the blue stands for loyalty, the white stands for purity, and the red symbolizes bravery. The white star on the flag is very significant to Texans, as it symbolizes all Texans and their unity as “one for Gold, State and Country,” according to the Texas Flag Code. The Lone Star was originally used to represent Texas’s independence from Mexico and today stands for the independent spirit exhibited by Texas’s residents.

Between 1818 and 1938, during the Texas Revolution, Texas flew five other flags. The Lone Star and Stripes, consisted of the white Lone Star on a blue background with red and white stripes, much like the U.S. Stars and Stripes flag. The “Come and Take It” flag appeared as a symbol of defiance when Texas was at war with Mexico. The Alamo Flag contained the Mexican tricolor of green, white, and red and the year “1824,” the year in which the Mexican empire was overthrown. The Dodson Tricolor was a vertical tricolor of red, white, and blue with the lone star in the center of the blue field. Finally, the Burnet Flag consisted of a blue background with a golden star in the center, and was inspired by the flag of the Republic of West Florida.

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