State Flag of Maryland

The Flag of Maryland
The Flag of Maryland

The flag of the state of Maryland was adopted on November 25, 1904. The Maryland flag is rectangular and divided into four fields. The top left and bottom right fields feature the coat of arms of the Calvert Family and the top right and bottom left feature the coat of arms of the Crossland family.

Maryland is the only state in the United States to use a British coat of arms for its state flag. The two coats of arms represent the banner of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, who was a British politician, colonizer, and Parliament member in the seventeenth century. Calvert became interested in establishing colonies in Newfoundland, and, after realizing Newfoundland’s weather was unsuitable for English settlers, began drafting a royal charter to colonize what is now the state of Maryland. Although Calvert died several weeks before the charter was sealed, Calvert is historically recognized as the founder of Maryland.

George Calvert’s son, Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore founded the colony of Maryland. From Maryland’s founding until the Civil War, only the gold and black Calvert coat of arms was used to represent Maryland. During the Civil War, Maryland remained in the Union; however, many of Maryland’s citizens chose to fight with the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and began using the Crossland coat of arms as their secession banner.

After the Civil War, Maryland’s citizens began flying flags that included both coats of arms, in an effort to reconcile conflicted feelings. The flag of Maryland that is used today was first flown on October 11, 1880 at a parade marking the 150th anniversary of Baltimore’s fouding. It was later used on October 25, 1888 at Gettysburg during a ceremony dedicating monuments to the Maryland regiments that fought for the Army of the Potomac. Maryland’s state flag was officially adopted on November 25, 1904.

The flag of Maryland’s colors and symbols are used prominently throughout the state. The city of Baltimore and the counties of Baltimore, Howard, Calvert, and Worcester all have coats of arms and/or flags that incorporate one or both of the flag of Maryland’s coats of arms. The University of Maryland, Loyola University Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University, the Maryland’s sports teams all use the colors or symbols of the Maryland flag in some way as well.

One Life: One Flag Memorial

From September 8 through September 12, over 3,000 flags will wave in New York City as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The flags are located in Manhattan’s Battery Park, just three blocks from the World Trade Center Memorial Museum. The memorial is free and open to the public.

The theme of the memorial is “One Life: One Flag,” and the memorial’s designers encourage visitors to reflect upon the enormous loss of human life that occurred on September 11, 2011.

The memorial contains 2,976 Flags of Honor and Flags of Heroes, all American flags representing someone who died in the attacks. The memorial also includes 96 international flags, one flag for each country who lost a citizen on September 11.

Annin Flagmakers have manufactured all the flags for this event. Annin Flagmakers are the oldest and largest makers of flags in the United States. Two brothers, Benjamin and Edward Annin founded the company in 1847 on Fulton Street in New York City. Aside from being the premier maker of flags in the United States, remaining family owned for over 150 years, and employing over 500 Americans, Annin’s New York City roots make them a particularly appropriate sponsor for the “One Life: One Flag” memorial.

Annin Flagmakers, the Healing Field Foundation, and the Flag of Honor Project collaborated to create the “One Life: One Flag” field.

Co-sponsors of the “One Life: One Flag” memorial include:

Collavino Construction Company

Con Ed

Foley Caterpillar

Haks Engineering

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation

Joe Tex Transportation/Logistics

National Independent Flag Dealers Association

New Jersey Manufacturer’s Insurance

USA Rigging Supply

“One Life: One Flag” volunteer organizations include:
Fort Dix

Fort Hamilton Military Base

Lakehurst Naval Base

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

McGuire Air Force Base

Tuesday’s Children

We Remember

We remember those who perished and the families left behind.

We remember the first responders who bravely raced to the rescue of others.

We remember those who courageously fight the wars on terrorism and those who gave their lives.