State Flag of West Virginia

The current version of the West Virginia was adopted on March 7, 1929. The flag is rectangular with a white background and dark blue border. The West Virginia coat of arms appears in the center of the flag. Rhododendrons, West Virginia’s state flower, decorate the coat of arms. The text “The State of West Virginia,” appears on a red ribbon above the coat of arms. The text “Montani Semper Liberi,” (“Mountaineers are Always Free”) appears on another red ribbon below the state seal.

The coat of arms bears symbolic meaning for the people of West Virginia. The two men depicted in the coat of arms symbolize West Virginia’s agriculture and industry. The man on the left side of the coat of arms is a farmer, holding an ax and plow and standing in front of a cornstalk. On the right side of the coat of arms is a miner holding a pickax. An anvil and sledge hammer appear on behind the miner, representing mining’s importance to West Virginia’s industrial growth.

In between the two men is a boulder inscribed with the date June 20, 1863, the day West Virginia became an official state of the Union. On the grass in front of the boulder are two rifles and a Phrygian, or liberty, cap, representing the importance of the West Virginia people’s conquest for liberty.

Although the current West Virginia flag was adopted in 1929, the West Virginia State Legislature adopted the state’s first flag in 1905. The original flag had a white background with a blue border, but a larger rhododendron appeared on the front of the flag and the West Virginia coat of arms appeared on the back. Two years later, in 1907, another version of the flag reversed the images: the rhododendron appeared on the back and the coat of arms on the front. Unfortunately, manufacturing a flag with different front and reverse sides was expensive, and by 1929, the state adopted a flag with the rhododendron and coat of arms depicted together on the same side.

Cotton, Nylon, and Koralex Flags by Valley Forge

Flying a Valley Forge American Flag makes a statement. Not only are you displaying your patriotic spirit, but, by waving a United States flag manufactured by the Valley Forge Flag Company, you are supporting a business that has been family owned since 1882 and a company that is dedicated to manufacturing flags that are 100% American-made. With so many of our consumer goods being outsourced to other parts of the world, purchasing an American-made flag is one big way to support a business that is truly committed to keeping operations and materials in the United States.

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Christmas Flags from the United States Flag Store

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