Thanksgiving Flags from the United States Flag Store

Thanksgiving is coming up in just under a month, so if you don’t have the proper decor, it’s time to order a Thanksgiving flag from the United States Flag Store. All Thanksgiving flags are garden size, and fit perfectly on a garden flag pole. They’re printed in vibrant colors on polyester and will make your house look festive for the fall season. Here are just a few of the great options to choose from.

The Welcome Thanksgiving garden flag is a beautiful and traditional way to decorate your lawn for the holiday. The flag features a turkey in the center with pumpkins and grapes surrounding him. A brown border runs along the top and bottom of the flag. The word, “welcome,” is printed across the top of the flag. This flag measures 12.5 inches by 18 inches is available at the United States Flag Store for just $10.50.

The Give Thanks garden flag is another great way to honor the Thanksgiving season. The flag features a cornucopia in the center with a pumpkin, apples, a pear, and grapes flowing out of it. The border is reminiscent of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and the words “give thanks” appear near the top of the flag in curly writing. Order this 12.5-inch by 18-inch flag from the United States Flag Store for just $10.50.

The Give Thanks Turkey garden flag is a great way to share the meaning behind Thanksgiving. This beautiful flag features a proud turkey in the center with pumpkins, leaves, and apples around him. The words, “Give Thanks,” appear in script on the top of the flag. This flag makes a great addition to any lawn, measures 12.5 inches by 18 inches, and is available from the United States flag store for just $10.99.

Looking for more Thanksgiving flags? Visit the United States Flag Store website for the complete selection!

Valley Forge Flag Pole Kits

Looking for a one-stop-shop for an American Flag and flagpole? Look no further than the United States Flag Store where you can order a flagpole kit, complete with a top-of-the line, American-made Valley Forge flag, and everything you need to waive your banner proudly outside your home. Here are just a few options:

The 18-foot Telescoping Flagpole with Sewn Valley Forge Flag is a great way to purchase an all-in-one flag kit at a great value. For only $79, this kit includes a beautiful 3-foot by 5-foot,  American-made, sewn Valley Forge flag with embroidered stars. The flag pole is 18.5 feet when installed, and features a telescoping mechanism for easy setup. The flagpole is made of rustproof aluminum and is 2 1/4 inches in diameter for residential-grade durability. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about your flag getting wrapped around your flagpole with this kit. The clips are mounted on rotating rings that keep your flag waving all the time. If you’re looking for a high-quality American flag with everything you need to fly it, don’t miss this great deal!

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty flagpole for your home, take a look at the 20-f0ot residential Flagpole with Valley Forge Nylon Flag kit. This kit includes a sewn American-made Valley Forge nylon flag with embroidered stars. The flag is 3 feet by 5 feet, but you can also upgrade to a 4-foot by 6-foot flag for only $8 extra.

The 20-foot heavy duty flagpole is 3 inches in diameter at the base, but tapers to 2 inches at the top. The flagpole consists of 5 heavy duty, silver, anodized, seamless aluminum tube sections that fit together perfectly for an elegantly tapered appearance. The flagpole also includes a 3-inch anodized aluminum ball ornament at the top that can be upgraded to a gold metal eagle for just $25. The flagpole includes other great features, too: a cast aluminum truck with a pulley for easy raising and lowering of your flag, a solid braided polypropylene rope with 2 strong flag snaps, a cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws, and a heavy duty ground sleeve for easy installation. Order yours today for just $149.95.

Residential Flag Poles

You can’t fly your favorite banner without a great flag pole from the United States Flag Store. At the United States Flag Store, we have a fantastic selection of flag poles for residential use in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Read on for just a few options.

The 16-foot telescoping flagpole is a perfect option for flying your favorite flag outside your home. This flagpole has a total exposed height of 16 feet and the pole expands from 5 feet to 15 feet in seconds with a spring release button. No need to worry about ropes to snarl or tangle because the clips on this flagpole are mounted on rotating rings to prevent the flag from becoming wrapped around the pole.

The 16-foot flagpole is made of rustproof aluminum and is 2 1/4″ diameter with a gold ball flagpole top. A plastic ground sleeve, to cement into the ground without expert assistant, is included, as well. These flagpoles have received great reviews from our customers and are available from the United States Flag Store for a great price of $55.

If you’re looking for a flag pole that’s a little taller, check out Online Store’s 20-foot flagpole. This flagpole is the latest version from Online Store, available at a great value for everyday customers. The flagpole is sturdy, with a two-inch diameter and increased wall thickness for added durability. The entire kit includes a plastic ground sleeve to allow for easily installation for ensure that the flagpole can be removed if necessary, a gold ball topper, rope and all fittings, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Although kits like this sell for as much as $150 in home improvement and other leading retail stores, you can order this five-star rated flagpole kit from the United States Flag Store for just $69.99. Order yours today!

Flag Pole Lighting

Your flag doesn’t need to be invisible when the sun goes down: with innovative flag pole lights from the United States Flag Store, you can illuminate your American Flag or other favorite flag. Technically, the American Flag should always be illuminated at night. Setting up these lights is easy, and, thanks to their solar-powered technology illuminating your flag doesn’t cost  you anything in batteries or electricity. At the United States Flag Store, the prices can’t be beat, either. Check out just a few of these great solar flag lighting options.

The Flag Pole Solar Light is an easy-to-use and economical way to light up your American flag or other favorite flag. Features of the flag pole solar light includes a no-wiring design that is safe and simple to install and self-charging solar batteries so you don’t need to worry about changing dead batteries or running the lights off your household electric account. With 20 LED bulbs and an eight-inch diameter, however, you’ll be rest assured that this light will shine brightly on your flag through the evening. This flag pole light is designed for use with flag poles that are 15 to 25 feet in height, mounts on top of the flag pole, and no special tools are required for installation. The flag pole solar light has received 5-star reviews from customers, so order your flag pole light today for just $69.99.

Another option is the Solar Flag Light by Valley Forge, the most trusted name brand in American Flags. Instead of mounting to the top of a flag pole, like the previously described light, this solar light attaches to the side of the flag pole and is designed for flags that are 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The light features a 100-lux output that will illuminate your flag for 6 to 8 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Order this great little solar light today for just $139.49.