Back to School Supplies for 2022

The lazy days of cartoons, video games and trips to the beach are coming to a close for most young people. The diets of goldfish crackers, mountain dew and grilled cheese to be replaced with a more balanced one. The routines of an excited 6:30 a.m. wake up to watch YouTube, snack and sit on the couch will be transitioned into a dreaded 6:30 a.m. alarm to rush out the door, get to school and sit in a classroom, absorbing new information to be tested on later. And while the kids are lamenting this moment, the parents are popping the corks off their champagne bottles, celebrating another summer survived. A summer of entertaining, of finding babysitters during the day. Of attempting to keep their children engaged and learning new things. To make sure they still see their friends and keep their social levels up. And while parents cheer and their kids grumble, teachers are prepping their classrooms for the coming year. Afterall, they are the ones who have to not only keep the kids’ attention now, but to also have them gain an understanding on a multitude of topics. And while the United States Flag Store can’t make that alarm sound like a Bach symphony, we can help make the classroom a little more educational and fun. That’s why we put together a wonderful list of products that would be right at home in the classroom to assist in teaching the new generation of students. Let’s dive right in!

Back to School Supplies List for Teachers 2022: Office, Supply, Sales and Deals

1. Indoor Flagpole Kits

One of the first items on our docket is the Indoor Flagpole Kits. No classroom is quite complete without the iconic American flag. Whether it’s in the corner for the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning or for comparing to other historical flags in the afternoon, we got beautiful indoor American flags that will do the trick with a lovely gold fray that looks its best indoors. Also included in some of these kits are indoor bases, stands and flagpoles. You can get all these items individually, together in a full package or mix and match, your choice.

Indoor Flagpole Kit

2. Aluminum Wall Bracket

I know these don’t sound the most exciting, but if your classroom doesn’t have the space or is set up to have a flag standing in the corner or elsewhere, these Aluminum Wall Brackets have got you covered. These brackets are made to hold a flag of up to 2′ x 3′ with a 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameter staff. They will display your flag at a 45-degree angle and even work great with stick flags.

Flag Wall Bracket

3. Indoor State Flag Kits

And if you want to add even more customization and state pride to your classroom, we have Indoor State Flag Kits. These are going to be your best option for knocking everything out at once. These kits are highly customizable from using oak to telescoping flagpoles, gold and flat spears, the Texas Star, Parade ball and a variety of different eagle toppers to really show your flagpole off and give it its own unique look. These kits in particular do come with State Flags, but if you so happen to want one that may not be in stock, you can check out our full State Flags page to pick one out here and buy the Indoor Flagpole Kit without the Flag separate for the same effect and result.

California State Indoor Flag Kit

4. 12″ x 18″ State and World Flags

Next on the list if you want something a little smaller and economical, our 12″x18″ State and World Flags are a very popular choice. From mock U.N. to congressional meetings to making learning a subject a little more immersive. If you happen to have a French or Spanish class to World History, these flags make great additions to add color, grounding and meaning to whatever subject is being taught.

Texas State Stick Flag

5. 4″ x 6″ Set of All 50 State Flags

For even smaller flags that look great on desks, check out our 4″ x 6″ Set of all 50 State Flags. This is one of our most economical packages providing you with ALL 50 states. Make the Parade of States even more memorable and have the kids “flag,” you down to learn more about U.S. history and all 50 states.

6. Revolutionary War Flags

Speaking of United States history, The United States Flag Store has a ton of famous and recognizable Revolutionary War Flags. I know when I was a kid seeing the different flags that America had throughout its tenure and in its infancy, I always looked in awe. With the American flag being so iconic and seen throughout your life, it’s hard to imagine that there was once a time when the American flag that we see today wasn’t always that way. From the humble beginnings of the Betsy Ross Flag with its 13 five-point stars in a circle to the Grand Union flag with the Union Jack in the canton that served before that and to the lesser used “Don’t Tread on Me,” flags. There are some great choices here to add to your classroom.

Betsy Ross Flag

7. Back to School Garden Flags

And finally, we have the Decorative Back to School Garden Flag. Perfect for setting up outside to welcome the students in your life back to a semester and session of learning. This decorative Back to School Garden Flag has a crayon shaped heart arranged in a rainbow-like fashion. It is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful way to greet the kiddos.

Back to School Garden Flag

And with that, the bells are now ringing, and it is onto the next chapter we all go. So, in parting ways, I’ll leave you with a little sentiment to ponder and sit with. As this article has to do with learning and going back to school, I’ll stick with a cerebral concept and context. It’s an old proverb by philosopher Lao Tzu from Ancient China and it goes,

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

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