Nov. 9 – Dec. 31, 2010

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This coupon may not be used in conjunction with others currently being offered by Online Stores, Inc. However, customers may still qualify for free shipping subject to the order minimum.

12 thoughts on “Specials

  1. Wow! This is great! I just had to retire my outdoor flag, it was tattered and torn. Hope we can get it by the 4th that would be super. Thanks again !

  2. I would like remind everyone to remember all those who have given their time some their lives to defend our freedoms that is what you should remember when you look at your new flag the many battles fought and won so that flag can fly.

  3. Thank God for this wonderful country and all of the brave men and women who protect us each and every day.

  4. I’m a W W ll Vet.I fly my Flag 365 days a year .I was the first one on our street to erect a flag pole .26 footer .Now there are four other flag poles in a row .So we have 5 in a row now for freedom of our Country and for our Military and the fine work they are doing .I installed a flag pole next door to me after the Husband intended to do it but died of cancer .He was a 20 year man in the Navy.So I put it up for his wife .Thank you for the nice job you are doing for America.

  5. We lost a nephew, Captain Nathan J. Nylander in Kabul on April 27th in a senseless killing of 9 Soldiers. I fly our flag in their memory. I will never look at our American flag in the same way ever again. God bless America.

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