The United States Air Force Celebrates Its Birthday

“I feel the need…the need for speed!”

As I’m sure the iconic 80’s movie “Top Gun,” inspired a new generation of pilots and just awe inspired patrons and patriots, the United States Air Force was only founded 30 years prior to this on September 18th, 1947. It was during this time that the importance of airpower was needed for WW2. The result of this was President Truman signing into effect the National Security Act, which saw the formation of the pillars of the Department of Defense that we see and have today. This would consist of the United State Army, the Central Intelligence Agency, Navy and the introduction of the Air Force as an independent sector.

Though planes and air travel had been a thing since the early 1900’s, the United States Air Force was known under different names as well as being under the jurisdiction of the United States Army. In the 1980’s, stealth technology would be introduced along with the Kenny Loggins banger, “Danger Zone.” I wanted to share some history as well as some pop culture references into the introduction of this article. Honestly, just using anything to help celebrate the birthday of the United States Air Force. For without it, who knows where our country would be. I for one am happy to wish this amazing branch and the brave men and women who are either currently serving or who have served, or just if you know someone who has served a well-deserved happy birthday. A happy birthday to some of the most advanced and amazing technology in human history. A happy birthday to courage, to passion, to innovation, to freedom, to striving to be better than yesterday.

To help celebrate this occasion, The United States Flag Store has a variety of different flags that include both the official logo and flag of the United States Air Force, from stick flags all the way up to 6′ by 10″.

Car and Motorcycle Air Force Flags

Whether you are looking for a faithful companion to join you cross country or you are just looking to skirt across town to catch a movie and some ice cream, these small flags are a great way to show your Air Force pride.

Indoor 3′ x 5′ Nylon Air Force Flag with Fringe

A wonderful nylon flag with a beautiful gold fringe, this United States Air Force Flag is a great addition to the classroom, office or even to wave in the parade. Not to mention, it is made right here in the United States.

6′ x 10′ Nylon Air Force Flag

For the absolute behemoth of the bunch, made for the flag fanatic who has got the space and wants to really show that Air Force pride and fly their flag high, the 6′ x 10′ flag is it. Not for the faint of heart by any means, but this flag is wonderfully suited for indoors and outdoors, has sturdy brass grommets and is made with a heavyweight nylon. This flag is made with a lot of loving hands here in the United States.

Garden Flag

On the opposite end of the spectrum, for somebody just wanting to spruce up their landscape with some military appeal, the United States Air Force Garden Flag is suitable for doing just that. This flag comes in at 12″ by 18″, is made of nylon and has the official seal of the United States Air Force on it. Did we mention this one was made in the U.S.A. as well?

Space Force 3′ x 5′ Nylon Flag

And for those of us who have or had Netflix this last year, this next flag is probably associated with a gruff General named Mark Naird played by Steve Carell and his second in command, Chief Scientist, Dr. Adrian Mallory played by John Malkovich. While this is a fictional show, albeit a really good one, there really is a United States Space Force! It’s one of the most recent additions to the United States long list of departments and the world’s only independent space force. Being a part of the United States Armed Forces and Department of the U.S. Air Force definitely gets this flag a spot on our list. This flag comes in at the classic 3′ x 5′, is made out of Nylon and right here in the United States.

Just for fun

The CIA and the Air Force share the same birthday. They were both created with the National Security Act on September 18th, 1947.

The name for a pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft is known as an “Ace.”

Airmen will welcome their new commander or celebrate a special occasion by smacking doors and windows and making noise on the roof. This is what is known as a “roof stomp.”

The Air Force was originally part of the U.S. Army, dating all the way back to 1907.

Some famous former members of the Air Force include comedian, George Carlin, musician, Johnny Cash, actor, Morgan Freeman and songwriter and performer, Willie Nelson.

The Air Force created a supercomputer known as the “condor cluster,” to analyze satellite imagery made out of 1760 Playstation 3’s. The Playstation 3 was a popular video game console that was available to the public at the time. This supercomputer is currently located in Rome, New York and is the 33rd most powerful computer in the world.

In honor of WW2 and Vietnam veteran, Brig. General Robin Olds, airmen will grow out their mustaches through the month of March. Gen. Olds was a triple ace, and this is referred to as the Mustache March.

The Air Force uses letters at the beginning of their aircraft that stands for the different type of craft they are, B means bomber, C stands for cargo and F for a fighter jet.

In Conclusion

We hope you found some interesting new tidbits of information and had as much fun reading as I did researching and writing this article. We also hope you found some new items to bust out on September 18th and beyond to celebrate this momentous occasion. To honor this great branch that holds all of its technological feats, time-honored traditions and full of spectacular people that have done wonderous things.

Whether you are a Goose or a Maverick, a General Naird or a Dr. Mallory, we hope that you will always continue to aim high and remember, “it’s just a walk in the park, Kazansky.”

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