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The Flag Blog is the premier information source for all true patriots and flag aficionados. Brought to you by the folks at the United States Flag Store (http://www.united-states-flag.com), we provide you with informational analysis, flag reviews, and interesting historical tidbits about nearly every country in the world!

From The Rules of American Flag Etiquette to The History of the Irish Flag and everything in between, rest assured that the Flag Blog has something for everybody!

If you have any comments or article requests, please feel free to let us know — we love hearing from you!

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13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I justpurchased your banner flag 3’x5′ nylon and pole kit. If I set my flag pole at 90 degrees, the flag is too close to the ground so I have it set at 30-45 deg.
    However the banner flag crunches down on the pole. I am not sure how to use the flag clips that came with the banner flag kit. Thanks

    1. Hello, David — I sent your question to Customer Service. A flag specialist will be in contact with you shortly. Take care.

  2. I would like to thank you for NOT carrying the Obama Face United States Flag. I have shared your info with a number of my friends and sent the many groups i am in contact with your link for their flag needs. God bless and thank you again I cannot say that enough

  3. I absolutely love my flag. It means a lot to me with my only two sons in the Navy over sea’s and my husband is a Navy veteran. I just wanted to say thank you it’s beautiful

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