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Flag of Colorado



In memory of the victims of last week’s violent shooting in Aurora, Colorado, stand united with our friends and neighbors in Colorado by flying the Colorado state flag.

The flag of the state of Colorado was adopted on June 5, 1911. The flag is rectangular with three horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripes are blue and the middle stripe is white. Just to the left of the flag’s center point is a block letter red “C” that is filled with a gold circle.

Andrew Carlisle Johnson designed Colorado’s state flag during the year of the flag’s adoption. Previously, the flag of Colorado featured the state seal on a blue background. When the flag was originally adopted, the block letter C with the gold circle was smaller, and the entire graphic fit inside the white stripe. In 1964, the specifications for the flag were changed and the diameter of the gold disc is as large as the white center stripe.

The details of the Colorado state flag hold significance for the residents of this state. The blue stripes symbolize the big, clear blue skies of Colorado. The white stripe represents snow on the mountaintops of Colorado, some of which lasts all year round. The gold disc symbolizes the Colorado sunshine and the red C represents the color of some of Colorado’s soil.

Colorado Flag

The Colorado flag consists of one of the simplest, yet perhaps most interesting designs of any flag in the Union. The Colorado flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The middle stripe is white, while the top and bottom stripes are colored blue. On top of the 3 stripes of the Colorado flag sits a red “C” filled with a golden circle.

colorado flag

According to numerous reports, the colors of the Colorado flag represent the following:

  • The blue stripes on the Colorado flag are meant to represent the Colorado skies
  • The golden circle inside of the red “C” is meant to represent the sunshine enjoyed by the state of Colorado
  • The white stripe across the middle of the Colorado flag represents the snowcapped mountains
  • The red of the “C” is meant to represent the earth

The Colorado flag was originally designed by a man named Andrew Carlisle Carson in 1911. On June 5th of that same year, this same Colorado flag was officially adopted by the state’s General Assembly. The official colors of the flag were not, however, decided upon by the General Assembly until 18 years later on February 29, 1929. It was eventually declared that the red and blue of the Colorado flag would be the same exact colors as the American flag. Years later, on March 31, 1964, the legislature further declared that the diameter of the gold disc should be equal to the width of the center white stripe.

One interesting thing to note about the Colorado flag is the fact that it is incorporated into all of Colorado’s state highway signs. Also, in a 2001 survey by the North American Vexillogical Association, the Colorado flag was ranked as the 16th best flag as compared by 72 other state, provincial, and territory flags in North America.