My Country, My Flag

by Kathy McCarthy

Whether you own a house or live in an apartment, you can always be proud of being an American by flying the American Flag. Whether you buy just the flag or a kit with all of the hardware and a pole, it’s pretty easy to fly your own flag. I know, because I just hung my first flag yesterday.

American Flag

I just moved into my first house. It’s a townhouse actually, but it’s all me. Last year I lived with a roommate, so I’m not really counting that place as my own. I grew up with my family  in a small community just outside of Sacramento, California. Though we lived in a neighborhood, our property was several acres. So every morning my Dad would carry the American Flag out to the front gate and place it on its hanger, and every evening my Mom would bring it in.

I never thought much of this little ritual until I moved out of my family’s house and no longer had a flag. I never realized that every day as I drove in an out of our driveway the flag reminded me of who I am and why I’m grateful to be an American.

I know that I have not sampled a lot of things that life has to offer just yet, but I do know enough to be grateful for all of the freedoms that I enjoy in my country. For example, I have not had to go to war, but many have, and I know that it’s to protect my rights, and me. When I see the flag it reminds me, and I am grateful.

Now I have hung my own flag in front of my house for all to see. I carry it out to hang it up in the morning, and I bring it in at nightfall. As I come and go throughout the day, I see it, and it reminds me that I am proud and grateful to be an American.