Play Date

playhouseTwo little girls, a few dolls, and a wonderful playhouse = a whole lot of fun! Every little girl dreams. Just about any little girl would LOVE this playhouse in her backyard!

hydrangeaThere’s just one thing missing but don’t worry! The US Flag Store can fix it! We have darling little garden flags. Several in our fall line are just the thing for this playhouse!

Each garden flaghydrangea banner hydrangea mailbox by BreezeArt® measures 12.5” x 18”. Individual metal stands that go into the ground or mount on the wall of the house beside the front door are also available. Pair it with a matching banner (28” x 40”) and mailbox cover for the big house!

Loving Life And Our Flag!

Our AMERICAN FLAG is so rich in history I thought I would give a little background on some basic facts. Every red-blooded American knows the premise that Congress first authorized the flag June 14, 1777 (maybe not the date; who remembers dates?) and that we would have a star and a stripe represent each state. This evolved over the years because adding the next stripe was too much. We kept the thirteen alternating stripes to the original colonies, but added a new star as each state entered the Union. Did you know that the colors of our flag have significance also?

Red, White and Blue: Red is Valor. White is for Purity. Blue is for Vigilance and Justice.

wwii wall -southIn May 2014, my boyfriend (Honey) and I bought 500 small stick American Flags for Memorial Day. We had an idea to give back to those that had served in our Military, but what to actually do? We called Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, FL to see if we could place those on the graves, but the Boy Scout Troops in this area attend to the Cemetery. Next we called Veterans Memorial Park, also here in Pensacola, FL and they gave us permission to place the Flags around the park. Now Honey is a former Marine USMC (oorah) so he has very strong feelings to help and/or honor our Military. The Veterans Memorial Park, or as we call it here, “Wall South” (this is a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.) not only has Vietnam War Memorial, but World War I, World War II, Korean War, Global War on Terror, and the Marine Aviation Memorials. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful memorial here in our city that is so historically based on a true love of our country!

marine flag6.25.14You think 500 flags is a lot of flags until you start placing them – after about an hour and a half we found out 500 was not near enough. Without even finishing this year’s placement, we started to plan for next year, larger flags and significantly more! We just loved our flags we bought and we were so humbled to give the honor to those that have served past, present and future. A couple weeks later, we won a gift certificate for Priceless! from the United States Flag Store by submitting a photo of these flags. With our gift certificate, I ordered Honey the Garden UCMC Flag and the Decorative Garden Flag Holder for Father’s Day. The garden flag is just gorgeous and made so well, double sided stitching with vibrant colors! The holder has a nice “locking” arm that secures your flag in all types of weather.

Have fun always,


Valentine’s Day Holiday Flags

Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, February 14th this year and is celebrated by many countries around the world. Instead of buying your loved one an ordinary Valentine’s Day card, buy them a garden or banner flag. The best part is that these are reusable and will last years. Typically banner flags measure somewhere between 27″-32″ wide and 37″-54″ long. Banner flags are commonly displayed off of a flagpole and bracket that is then screwed in the person’s home. A garden flag is just like a banner flag but smaller and these can also be called mini flags and measure between 11″-15″ wide and 15″-18″ in length.

Our newest addition to Online Stores is the Burlap Valentines Day Garden Flag. This adorable Valentines Day Burlap 1924704b671e5c2327fce6c3133254a0garden flag is the perfect decoration this Valentines Day. This flag features a pole hem to be displayed vertically. This flag is made of burlap and features a silhouette of cupid getting ready to shoot his arrow. This flag is garden size and measures 12″ x 18″ This Burlap flag is a heat sublimated flag, meaning the ink is heated up and “sublimates” from a solid into a gas and permeates the fabric, dying the color all the way through the fabric for a long lasting finish. This flag is only $10.90! Another great option for Valentine’s Day is the Love Stamp welcome flag. This beautiful love stamp banner welcome flag flgdbnr1000027661_-00_valentines-day-welcome-flag-love-stampfeatures a postage that reads special delivery. This flag will make a beautiful addition to your home or garden. This flag is banner size and measures 28″ x 40″ and is priced at $18.15. Don’t let these bright, beautifully colored flags pass you by this holiday!

If you are looking for a new and updated garden flag pole we sell mini, regular, and large sizes at great prices! Click here.