American Flag Pins – Lapel Pins

Iwo Jima Pin

American flag pins are a great way to support the U.S. without overdoing it. Don’t get me wrong: American flag t-shirts are awesome, but sometimes they can be a bit much. American flag pins, on the other hand, are rarely seen as inappropriate. You can wear them to school, church, work, or just around the house. With American flag pins, you’ll always be on the classy side of life.

Here at the United States Flag Store, we offer a wide selection of American flag pins, including one commemorating the Battle of Iwo Jima. We also offer service pins, military pins, and those featuring the support-our-troops yellow ribbon.

If you happen to be from Texas, Canada or the U.K., we also offer American flag pins featuring the U.S. flag coupled with your nation of state’s flag. There’s even a pin displaying the U.S. flag and the Christian flag side by side, making it easy for folks every where to express their love-of-country and faith at the same time.

American flag pins: they’re the way to go when supporting your country is one of your top priorities, no matter where you happen to be.

Lapel Pins – Show Your Pride

By Kristi Ries

Does the lapel of your sport coat or blazer look a little bare these days? Have nothing to add to your school backpack or messenger bag? Maybe you could add a little decoration—and at that, one that has meaning as well—by adding a lapel pin or two. Lapel pins have become not just a subtle fashion statement, but also a fashion staple. From news anchors to sports analysts to business executives, many are showing their patriotism by wearing a US. Flag lapel pin.

You can showcase your political leanings (a donkey for Democrats, of course, and an elephant for Republicans), or pay homage to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, with a commemorative pin memorializing his historical 2008 campaign and resulting win. Christians can show proud support of their religion when wearing the Christian lapel pin, which consists of a white flag with a cross symbol. Show your faith by wearing one to your next church service, outreach function, or school.

For military veterans and their families, there exists a bevy of pins, including all five areas of the armed forces: U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Troops’ family members can proudly display a Service Unity Lapel Pin, which features the U.S. Flag in the form of a ribbon and the emblematic navy blue star signifying a loved one in active service. Why not show support of your loved one who fights for our country’s freedom?

Lapel pins also serve as a sign of unity. Flag pins (as well as nearly any red, white and blue items) became extremely popular following the terrorist attacks of 911. As a loyal and proud American, your flag pin shows your allegiance to this nation and all of the values for which it stands—including liberty and justice for all.

Send a powerful message about your beliefs while adding a decorative enhancement to your wardrobe through these durable symbols of pride!