New Decorations to Celebrate the Start of Winter

The holidays are officially over and it’s time to bust out some new decor! Winter began on December 21st and doesn’t end until March 19th, giving ample time to display your new United States Flag Store winter decorations. We carry over fifty different winter-themed decorations… Which will you choose?

Winter Flags

As always, our decorative flags are available in both banner and garden flag sizes. Banner flags measure about 28″x40″, while garden flags are smaller in dimension at about 12.5″x18″. Most of our flags are readable from both sides, so their messages can be viewed even as the flags blow in the breeze. Our flags are crafted with high quality fabric, bright lasting colors, and come complete with a pole hem so they are ready for display. Check out just three of our great winter flags in the images below.

“Snowfall Chickadee” garden flag (left); “Cozy Couple” garden flag (center); “Snowflake Splendor” garden flag (right)

Other Winter Decor

United States Flag Store carries more than flags, including our selection of winter-themed mailbox covers! Our mailbox covers are pre-cut to fit standard sized 6.5″x19″ metal mailboxes. They are magnetic, which allows for easy placement and removal. Made with quality vinyl, our mailbox covers will remain vibrant and colorful!

“Red Bird” mailbox cover (left); “Warm Winter Welcome” mailbox cover (right)

Our Wind Friends and Wind Socks make decorating for winter fun! Hang them from your porch for a lovely decoration! These decorations are made with heavy duty weather resistant polyester, crafted to withstand the cold winter winds and snowfall. Our Wind Friends are lightly stuffed to give a three-dimensional appearance. No assembly required!

“Let It Snow Windsock” (left); “Snowman Wind Friend” (center); “Penguin Wind Friend” (right)

Celebrate the winter season with decorations from United States Flag Store! Our durable, high quality fabrics allow for multiple seasons of use. Check out our selection today!

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Winter Solstice Windsock

The winter solstice is just around the corner, and the Winter Solstice Windsock from the United States Flag Store is the perfect way to welcome the shortest day of the year!

The winter solstice is December 21 at exactly 11:38PM and refers to the moment when the Earth is at the farthest point from the sun in its orbit. Although the solstice only occurs for an instant, the term is used to refer to the first day of winter and also the shortest day (longest night) of the year. From this day forward, the days will gradually get longer until the summer solstice, in June.

Many cultures have and continue to honor and observe the winter solstice. In ancient times, surviving the winter was not always certain, so reaching the winter solstice marked an important time to make sure one had enough food in reserves to last until spring. In more temperate areas, the winter solstice marked a final celebration that included slaughtering animals that wouldn’t survive the winter and drinking the first of the fermented grains prepared from the wheat harvest. Still other cultures celebrate the birth or rebirth of sun gods.

Even now, many people gather at the winter solstice in order to have something to look forward to on the darkest day of the year. These gatherings most notably occur in arctic regions of the world where winter daylight hours are few and seasonal depression is more common.

No matter what your winter solstice traditions are, the Winter Solstice Windsock is a great way to beat the winter blues! Featuring a bright wintry scene complete with trees, stars, and snow in bright and bold blues and greens, just looking at this windsock will brighten your day! Even better, it’s fade and mildew resistant so it’s sure to last a harsh winter. Don’t forget to order the matching garden flag to really brighten your outdoor décor!