Arkansas Flag

The Arkansas Flag consists of a red field decorated with a large white diamond with a blue border. The Arkansas flag contains twenty nine five-pointed stars. Twenty-five small white stars appear within the blue border, and four larger blue stars appear in the white diamond. The word “ARKANSAS” appears in blue inside the white diamond, with one star above and three below.

The design for the Arkansas Flag was created by Willie Kavanaugh Hocker of Wabbaseka in the year 1912. In 1912, Daughters of the American Revolution of the Pine Bluff chapter wanted to create an official Arkansas Flag to present for the commissioning of the battleship USS Arkansas.

Arkansas FlagWhen it was originally discovered that Arkansas did not yet have a state flag, the Daughters of the American Revolution decided to sponsor a contest to design an official Arkansas Flag. Willie Hocker, a member of the Pine Bluff chapter of the Daughters, won the contest with a design that is similar to the current Arkansas Flag. Mrs. Hocker designed a flag that consisted of three blue stars in the middle of a white diamond, however the word “ARKANSAS” was omitted. At the request of Secretary of State Earle Hodges, chairman of the Arkansas Flag committee, Hocker eventually added the word “ARKANSAS” and also rearranged the stars to their current design and location. This version of the Arkansas Flag was adopted by the legislature on February 26, 1913.

In 1923, the legislature decided to alter the Arkansas Flag, and added a fourth star to represent the Confederate States of America. This fourth star was originally placed on the Arkansas Flag so that there were two stars above the state name along with two below. This design for the Arkansas flag was meant to include the Confederacy alongside France, Spain, and the United States. This however disturbed the other two meanings of the original three stars, and so it was corrected by the legislature in 1924. The Confederate star was eventually above “ARKANSAS” and the original three stars were placed below it, just as it is today.

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