Hawaii Flag

The Hawaii flag is perhaps the most similar of all state flags to the traditional flag of the United States of America. Consisting of no other colors but the traditional red, white and blue, the Hawaii flag on first glance looks like no more than a hybrid British/American flag.

hawaii flag

The Hawaii Flag is very similar in design to the American flag – it consists of a rectangular field in the top left atop a field of stripes all around.  One major difference however is that while the stripes in the American flag are simply an alternating red and white pattern, the stripes of the Hawaii flag are red, white and blue.  Also, in the top left corner of the Hawaii flag sits a design much different from the traditional 50 star design of the American Flag.  Rather than the well known 50 star pattern atop a blue background, the image in the top left corner of the Hawaii flag is an exact  replica of the flag of the United Kingdom.

As previously mentioned, the Hawaii flag contains a field of st ripes surrounding the top left canon of the flag.  Traditionally, the American flag has had 13 stripes fashioned in this same manner; however the Hawaii flag has just eight.  The eight stripes of the Hawaii flag represent the eight major Hawaiian islands; Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Niihau.  There are also various conflicting reports as to the origins of the stripes as some claim that the stripes were influenced by various historical British flags, while still others claim the design was based upon the American flag.

Regardless of the exact origins of the Hawaii flag – origins that will likely forever remain unknown in their entirety – there is little doubt that the Flag of Hawaii, despite the tiny size of the island, has one of the most detailed histories of any state flag in the American Union

One thought on “Hawaii Flag

  1. Is this a flag that the people of the Hawaiian Islands REALLY want? I can envision a background that is the brilliant blue or aqua color of the ocean with images of Hawaiian culture and/or environment – those that speak to the true nature and beauty of the state.

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