Dominican Republic Flag

Article 96 of the Dominican Constitution describes the flag of the Dominican Republic. It features a white cross centered on the flag that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles; the top left and right bottom are blue and the top right and bottom left are red.

Dominican Republic Flag
Dominican Republic Flag

Found at the center of the Dominican Flag is the small coat or arms. It has four Dominican flags, a bible, a cross of gold, and two spears. There’s also an olive branch on one side and a palm on the other. The ribbon above the shield reads “Dios, Patria, Libertad,” which means “God, Fatherland, Liberty.” Below the shield is a red ribbon bearing the name of the country, “Republica Dominicana.”

The bible on the shield is open to John 8:32 which reads, “Y la verdad nos hará libre” (And the truth shall set us free.)

The blue on the flag represents liberty. The white on the flag embodies salvation. And the red on the flag stands for the blood of its heroes.

The civil ensign follows the same design; however, it does not include the charge in the center. On land and on sea the civil flag doesn’t carry the coat of arms. Only the state flag has the coat of arms, which was adopted in 1844 and placed on the state flag for distinction.

According to some historians, the Dominican Republic’s capital of Santo Domingo claims the oldest university in the New World as well as the oldest hospital, house, street, and Cathedral. Many people from all over the world come to Santo Domingo to visit the delightful city.

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