Kansas State Flag

The Flag of Kansas was originally adopted in 1927, and contains one of the most interesting, yet simple designs of any American state flag. The Kansas Flag is made up of a depiction of the Great Seal of Kansas emblazoned atop a blue background, with the image of a sunflower above and the name of the state positioned directly below.

Kansas State Flag

The Kansas Flag was originally designed in the year 1925; however, it would not be officially adopted until two years later in 1927 by the Kansas State Legislature. In the two years between the flag’s design and its adoption, the state of Kansas flew a state banner rather than a flag.

At that time, the Kansas State Banner depicted a design very similar to today’s Kansas State Flag. The Kansas State Banner consisted of the image of a large sunflower and the word “Kansas” placed atop a blue field. Interestingly enough, the Kansas State Banner was originally intended to be hung from a horizontal bar instead of a traditional flag pole. The Kansas State Banner was given a very unique design that was meant to avoid “competition” with the flag of the United States of America. However, the banner was actually rejected for display in Washington, DC, due in part to the flag’s awkward method of hanging.

It was during this time that the Kansas State Legislature began the creation of a new flag for the state. Shortly thereafter, the legislature adopted today’s Kansas Flag, which features many of the same features as the original banner as well as the word “Kansas” on the bottom. Also, the Great Seal of the State of Kansas was added to the center of the flag. Since its original creation, the Flag of Kansas has remained the same, except for the addition of the word “Kansas” in 1961.

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