Winter Decorative Flags show Holiday Spirit

By Kristi Ries

It’s that time of year again: evergreen wreaths hang on doorways, homemade cookies are baking and fireplaces are aglow all across America. There’s a chill with a scent of chimney smoke in the air, and freshly cut evergreens can be found atop minivans everywhere.

In the throes of winter, the darkest and bleakest months of the year, countless Americans venture out to adorn their lawns and houses in a festive display for the season. Neighbors crane their necks to see intricate light patterns and tall nutcracker cut-outs; elaborate decorations offer an excellent excuse for long holiday joyrides after dark to see lights, reindeer, sleighs and bright candles on a winter’s eve.

Such decorations have become a personal expression of pride in one’s home and in celebration of various religious holidays. Colorful lights and nativity displays, menorahs in windows and garland on doorways are just another way to welcome friends and loved ones to your home during this especially chilly time of year.

As people struggle to untangle last year’s Christmas lights, they might also consider another type of decoration this winter: holiday flags. You can hang a 3D Santa banner flag to honor the wonder of Old Saint Nick; a red poinsettia flower and the words “Seasons Greetings” invite all to share in the joys of the season. You can herald in the Christmas holiday with a trumpeting angel, or display banners of a Christmas tree, a jolly snowman or the Three Wise Men. Hannukah begins this Friday, December 11 at sundown, and several elegant Hannukah flags showcase a Dreidel, the Star of David and a menorah to celebrate the eight-day Festival of Light.

Easy to hang and available in a range of designs, these jubilant flags make a great statement outside your home. They’re also a great gift for your friends and family.

Once these joyous occasions have come to a close, there are still more colorful ways to brighten up the season. Snowflake flags are great all-purpose winter greetings for your snow-covered yard, and New Year’s flags are the perfect way to show you’re ready to ring in 2010! Consider adding one to the beauty and warmth of your home today.

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