Kyrgyzstan Flag

In light of the recent uprising in Kyrgyzstan, we’ve decided to supply you the public with a bit of information concerning the nation’s flag. Truth be told, the Kyrgyzstan flag is rather attractive, featuring of a glorious red field upon which is placed a brilliant yellow sun with forty uniformly spaced golden rays emanating from it.

The red background of the Kyrgyzstan flag is meant to represent bravery and valor, while the flag’s sun represents peace and wealth. The tunduk, which can be seen at the flag’s center, is a symbol replicated in much of the architecture of Kyrgyzstan and is based on the “crown” of traditional Kyrgyz yurts, or houses. On the Kyrgyzstan flag it’s meant to represent the family home or, by extension, the universe.

As for the forty uniformly spaced golden rays emanating from the brilliant sun, word has it that they represent the forty Kyrgyz tribes that were united against the Mongols by Manas, the epic hero of Kyrgyzstan.

The flag was adopted on March 3, 1992 by the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan, after the nation had become the very last Soviet republic to secede. Today Kyrgyzstan is home to an American military base which is key to our efforts in Afghanistan. The recent uprising in Kyrgyzstan has therefore come as some cause for concern, but we’re sure everything will work out just fine in the end.

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