We’ve Got Temporary Tattoos – Enough Said!

Patriotic Temporary Tattoos!

If you’re like me, you hate permanence. I mean, who wants to do anything that’s permanent? Take getting married, for instance—strictly for the birds. That’s why I nearly hit the roof when I found out that my employer, the U.S. Flag Store, sells temporary tattoos! Temporary tattoos are by far one of the coolest inventions ever, especially if you’re a child or enjoy acting like one!

Some of our most popular temporary tattoos are those featuring the American flag. These temporary tattoos are easy to apply, last for days and can be easily removed whenever you’re ready. They’re also safe for children, so don’t be afraid to pass them around to the little ones. We also offer a set of temporary tattoos that are perfect for the 4th of July, which is just around the corner. These Patriotic Temporary Body Tattoos come in a set of 24, are easily applied with a bit of water and a wet towel, and are just all around cool! Check them out!

Temporary tattoos from countries besides the United States are also available. Our Mexican Flag Temporary Tattoos are very popular, and the Canadian Flag Temporary Tattoos are equally awesome!

If you or someone you know is in the military, we’ve also got military temporary tattoos! Is daddy in the Marine Corps? Why not give his son a U.S. Marines Temporary Tattoo? Maybe the little guy’s big brother just joined the Navy. Why not hook him up with a U.S. Navy Temporary Tattoo? Did mom just enlist in the Air Force? Well, the best thing you could give her child is a brand new U.S. Air Force Temporary Tattoo!

Other temporary tattoos offered by the U.S. Flag Store include those featuring the pirate skull and bones, the Texas flag, and the 1st Navy Jack! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to score some great temporary tattoos! Order today!

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