Support Our Troops Flags

The United States Flag Store’s Support Our Troops Flags, Pins, and Magnets are the perfect way to support our troops, whether or not you have a family member or friend serving in the Armed Forces. All of the Flag Store’s Support Our Troops flags are 3 feet by 5 feet and made from superknit polyester, giving the flag a silky look without compromising durability, and include two brass grommets for easy hanging.  Flags are made exclusively for the Online Stores, Inc. Flag Store and may be hung inside our outside.

If you’re looking for a simple way to express your support for the troops, the Flag Store has several flags to meet your needs.  The Yellow Ribbon Flag features the yellow remembrance ribbon printed on a white background.  These flags sell for just $9.95 and are as low as $7.95 when bought in bulk: a perfect idea for a neighborhood support rally!

The Flag Store also features Support Our Troops Flags with the yellow remembrance ribbon on a blue backdrop in three versions.  All three flags have the text: “Support Our Troops” and list each branch of the armed forces.  One version features the United States bald eagle as well.  Each of these flags are only $11.95 and are as low as $8.95 when bought in larger quantities.

If you want to show your support for a family member serving in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Flag Store sells traditional Service Flags manufactured in the United States from wool blends.  At an unbeatable price of $18.95, flags can have up to five stars and include a wooden dowel, wood gilt spear caps, a chainette tassel, a suction cup, and a pamphlet about the service flag.  You can also customize these Service Flags to include the name of your relative serving in the armed forces.  Certain rules apply to displaying service flags and they can only be used to honor immediate family members on active or reserve duty.

The Flag Store also offers a wide variety of magnets and pins to show your support for the troops on your car, refrigerator, or clothing.  At prices as low as 90 cents, order a few for you and your family members or friends today!

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