Flag of Slovenia

The flag of Slovenia was adopted on June 27, 1991. It is a rectangular flag with three horizontal stripes of white, blue and red.  In the upper left corner is the coat of arms, a blue shield with a red border featuring the triple-peaked Triglav Mountain, the sea, and three yellow stars.

The colors of the Slovenian flag were not derived from the Russian flag, like the flags of Serbia and Bulgaria, but from the Serbian coat of arms.  The first Slovenian coat of arms originated in the early 13th century when Slovenia’s geographical area included the Carniola province and parts of Styria, Koroska, and Istria.  During this time, the coat of arms was a red eagle on a silver background.  During the fourteenth century, the color of the eagle and the background changed several times, including the colors blue, red, silver, and gold.  In 1836, Emperor Ferdinand I officially changed the coat of arms back to the original blue eagle on a silver background, this time with a gold and red crescent on the eagle.

In 1848, the red and blue colors from the coat of arms became the colors of the Slovenian flag with the addition of white instead of gold and silver.  This tricolor flag was used until the end of World War I in 1918, although the Austrian rulers that controlled Slovenia during this time did not recognize the flag’s authority.  When Slovenia joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes after World War I, the flag was banned.

During Word War II, from 1941-1945, the Slovenians on the Axis side used the tricolor flag with the coat of arms.  The Slovenians on the Allies side used the tricolor flag with a red five-pointed star or a zigzag line representing mountains.

After World War II through the end of the Cold War, the Slovenia used the tricolor flag with a five-pointed star.

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