Yachting Flags

Yachting is a great recreational activity, especially during the beautiful summer months.  It’s important to send the right message while on your ship, however; and the U.S. Flag store wants to help you keep everyone informed with their fantastic Yachting Signal Flags.  All message flags are made of durable nylon, have a polyester heading and sturdy brass grommets, and are packaged in a clam shell box.

The Absent Flag is a solid blue rectangle and signals to others that the owner of the yacht is not on the ship.  This prevents others from approaching the yacht looking for the owner to receive them.

Let your guests know it’s dinnertime with a yachting Dinner Flag.  Just like the dinner bell at home, this solid white rectangular flag signals that dinner is being served.  Come and get it while it’s hot!

The Guest Flag is a blue rectangular flag with a white diagonal stripe.  This flag is used to indicate that the owner is not aboard, but rather a guest of the owner is sailing the yacht.  If the owner is aboard with a guest, this flag is not flown.

The Skin Diver Flag is an important safety flag for yachters.  It signals to other boats that scuba divers or snorkelers may be swimming in the area.  When this flag is flown, most states require that other boats stay between one hundred and three hundred feet from the boat.  The skin diver flag comes in two sizes: 12” by 18” and 20” by 30”.

If you’re serious about yachting, the U.S. flag store sells sizes two and three of the International Code of Signals Flags.  These sets both come with forty durable nylon flags with double stitched seams, nylon rope, distance lines, and durable plastic toggles.  The flag set includes the 26 alphabet flags, eleven pennants, one 6” by 12”, and the first, second, and third repeater flags in a durable nylon storage case.

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