Political Flags

Whether you’re a Democrat of Republican, it’s not too late to show your political pride with the U.S. Flag Store’s great selection of Political Flags.

The Democratic and Republican Party flags are 12” x 18” and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. While most flags this size are printed in the cheapest manner possible on coarse fabric and stapled to a wooden stick, the U.S. Flag Store’s political party flags are nicely printed on high quality polyester fabric. All edges are sewn to prevent fraying and other signs of wear and tear while out on the campaign. The flag includes a pole sleeve and is mounted on a 24-inch stick with a spear tip. You won’t find a flag of this quality anywhere else for only $2.20!

The 12” x 18” flags are available with Republican and Democratic text on them. The Democratic flag includes an image of a red and blue donkey on either a plain white or patriotically decorated background. The Republican flags include a red and blue elephant on either a white or patriotically decorated background.

Democrat and Republican Party flags are also available in a 4” x 6” size. These flags, like the larger varieties, are made of high quality polyester but are mounted on a 10” black plastic stick with a gold spear. Small party flags are perfect for parades, promotional items, and other political events. For just $0.99 extra, the flags can include a desk stand so you can always have your flag on display!

If you’re looking for a more decorative banner, the U.S. Flag store also has Democratic and Republican Party Banner and Garden Flags. These brightly colored flags feature an embroidered image of either the Democratic donkey or Republican elephant with gold stars on a red, white, and blue background. What a great way to support your party on your lawn!

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