Texas Gift Ideas

Need a gift for your favorite Texan? Look no further than the United States Flag Store’s website for the best Texas gifts at the best prices!

The Six Flags Over Texas gift set is the ultimate Texas flag gift. The gift set includes the six banners that have flown over what is now Texas, including the flags of France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederate States, the United States (28-star version), and, of course, Texas. All flags are 4×6 inches and printed on a polyester-cotton blend. A wooden base is included with the flag set, allowing for display on a desk or table. At a low price of just $7.95 and with a presentation box to boot, this is a great gift for a Texan serving in the military.

The Fibre Metal Texas Hard Hat combines Texas pride with supreme safety. Fibre Metal uses a full graphic process to produce a beautifully vibrant Texas flag that won’t chip, fade, or peel on a SEI-certified thermoplastic hard hat. Besides depicting the Texas flag, the phrase, “Don’t mess with Texas,” appears on the front of the hat.  For business-owners, these hard hats make great safety awards or a special groundbreaking ceremony hats. Order ten or more of these hats to receive an unbelievably low price of $26.99 each!

If you’re just looking for a simple gift, check out the United States Flag Store’s fantastic selection of Texas Stick Flags and Car Flags. The Texas Stick Flags are of the highest quality possible—sewn around the edges for ultimate durability—and are available for as low as $0.80 per flag. The Texas car flag is made of durable, knitted polyester and is double sided to resist wear and tear. At a low price of $7.95 each, order one for yourself and a friend!

For your beach beauty, the United States Flag Store has the ultimate Texas gift: a Texas flag bathing suit! Divided down the center with a blue stripe and white star one side and red and white on the other, this bathing suit is sure to grab the attention of other proud Texans at the pool or beach!

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