Valley Forge Flags

Looking for a Valley Forge Flag? The United States Flag Store is the largest vendor of Valley Forge flags and accessories. At the U.S. Flag Store’s website, you’ll find the widest variety and most complete selection of Valley Forge flags.

The Valley Forge Flag Company began as a burlap sac company in 1882. During World War I, the company became a surplus and began making American flags. Due to increasing demand for the company’s expertly sewn products, the Valley Forge Flag Company opened a small sewing factory in Spring City, PA in 1932. Since its inception, the Valley Forge Flag Company remains a family-owned business that manufactures U.S. flags with exclusively American-made materials. The Valley Forge Flag Company is also a founding member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of American, an organization committed to educating the public and flag sellers about the importance of 100% American-made flags.

The Valley Forge American Flags have been flown during many significant American wars and events. During World War II, a Valley Forge flag was raised on Mount Suribachi in Iwo Jima, after the U.S. military liberated more than 20,000 prisoners at Buchenwald (flown at half mast), and after liberating several French cities on D-Day. On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin placed a Valley Forge American flag on the moon. Valley Forge Flags also used during all of the American wars since World War II, at military funerals, and in several Hollywood films.

The United States Flag Store provides a great way for you to own these very special flags at unbeatable prices. The Valley Forge nylon American flags are beautifully sewn and have embroidered stars. They can be flown outside, are designed to resist fading and fraying and have reinforced fly ends.

The Valley Forge Best cotton flags are made of heavyweight 2×2 ply mercerized cotton, combining rich, vibrant, long-lasting colors with durable quality. The best fabric for outdoor use, the cotton flags have four rows of stitching for ultimate durability in a cotton flag.

Valley Forge also manufactures a line of Koralex II American flags. Koralex II is a polyester fabric that is designed to look like coarse cotton. Koralex is designed for outdoor use and resists fading and fraying more effectively than nylon flags.

These are just three of the most basic Valley Forge American flags sold at the United States Flag Store’s website. Be sure to visit the site for Valley Forge flagpoles, residential kits, pleated fans, and heritage series flags at the best prices on the web!

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