Memorial Day Flags

Memorial Day is quickly approaching, so make sure you’re prepared to celebrate the holiday in style with a brand new American flag from the United States Flag Store. At the United States Flag Store’s website, you’ll find the highest quality American flags at the most competitive prices. The United States Flag Store is committed to selling American flags that are made in the United States by the historic Valley Forge Company, as well as lower-cost options for bulk purchases and indoor use. All in all, the United States Flag Store carries 100 different American flag varieties, ranging from 4x6in to 30×50 feet that are suitable for use inside or out.

Now available with a six-month warranty, the Valley Forge Koralex II American flags offer the best in looks and durability. Koralex II is a polyester material that looks like the traditional coarse cotton American flags. Koralex II is more durable than cotton and resists fading and fraying, so it’s perfect for outdoor use. All Koralex II flags have canvas or nylon headings and brass grommets for long-lasting use. Koralex II are made by Valley Forge, one of the oldest and most trusted American flag brands, so you can rest assured that a Koralex flag by Valley Forge is one of the best on the market. These flags are available in sizes ranging from 3×5 feet to 20×38 feet. Competitive prices start at just $23.95 each, and discounts are available for ordering two or more.

If you’re looking for a great value American flag that’s made in the United States to the highest standards and specifications, take a look at the United States Flag Store’s nylon flags. These flags are either printed or sewn and are available in sizes as small as 16×24 inches and as large as 12×18 feet. With prices as low as $8.99 and discounts available for ordering two or more flags, how can you go wrong?

Perfect for Memorial Day, the United States Flag Store has several varieties of pleated American flags. Unlike pleated flags you might find at other flag stores, pleated flags sold at the United States Flag Store feature generous pleating, never just a “pleated effect.” All pleated flags are suitable for outdoor use and look beautiful in a doorway or window or on a railing.

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