Cotton, Nylon, and Koralex Flags by Valley Forge

Flying a Valley Forge American Flag makes a statement. Not only are you displaying your patriotic spirit, but, by waving a United States flag manufactured by the Valley Forge Flag Company, you are supporting a business that has been family owned since 1882 and a company that is dedicated to manufacturing flags that are 100% American-made. With so many of our consumer goods being outsourced to other parts of the world, purchasing an American-made flag is one big way to support a business that is truly committed to keeping operations and materials in the United States.

The United States Flag Store is the largest online vendor of Valley Forge Flags and carries flags in cotton, nylon, and Koralex materials. The Valley Forge Best Cotton American Flags are the traditional choice for American flags. These flags are made of heavy-duty 2×2 ply mercerized cotton to ensure durability and weather resistance. The flag’s colors are rich and vibrant and wear well through outdoor weather. For even better durability, the Valley Forge Best cotton American flags are reinforced with four rows of stitching at the fly end. These traditional cotton flags are available in large sizes for outdoor use, including 3×5 feet, 4×6 feet, and 5×9.5 feet at unbeatable prices. At the United States Flag Store website, you’ll also find Valley Forge Best cotton flags in a 6×9.5’ government version and a Heritage series flag.

The Valley Forge Nylon American Flags are of highest quality nylon flags on the market and are a less expensive alternative to the traditional cotton flags. Featuring heavy-duty nylon construction, these flags are designed to resist the fading and fraying that occurs with repeated outdoor use. What makes the Valley Forge nylon American flags so special, however, is their elegant construction. With sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and heavily reinforced fly ends, these flags are a cut above many other nylon American flags on the market. Available in sizes ranging from 2×3 feet to 20×38 feet, and discounts available for ordering in large quantities, a Valley Forge nylon American flag just might be the perfect addition to your home or business.

Koralex II American Flags from the Valley Forge Flag Company are another great alternative to cotton flags. Koralex is a synthetic material that looks like coarse cotton but is more durable. Koralex flags resist fading and fraying better than cotton, making them perfect for outdoor use. The Valley Forge Koralex II flags available on the United States Flag Store website are beautifully crafted with sewn stripes and embroidered stars and feature a canvas or nylon heading with brass grommets. Koralex flags are available for as low as $21.95 and in sizes ranging from 3×5 feet to 20×38 feet.

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