Flag of the State of Maine








The current flag of the state of Maine was adopted on February 23, 1909. The flag is rectangular with a blue background. The state flag of Maine features Maine’s coat of arms in the center, two men on either side of the shield, a star above the shield, and the text “MAINE” below the shield.

The coat of arms of the state of Maine, which appears in the center of the flag, reflects Maine’s beautiful northeastern United States scenery: a large pine tree is featured in the center of the shield with a moose resting below near a river. A farmer holding a sickle and a sailor holding an anchor appear on either side of the shield. These two men represent the importance of the agriculture and sea industries for the state’s economic livelihood.

The star that appears radiantly above the shield is the North Star. The text, “DIRIGO,” appears below the North Star. Dirigo, which is Latin for “I direct,” is the state of Maine’s official motto. The text, “MAINE,” appears below the shield on a light blue banner.

Maine’s current flag is somewhat different from the state’s first flag, which was developed in 1901. The original flag was rectangular with a buff or tan-colored background. The flag featured a block image of a green pine tree in the center. The North Star appeared as a blue star in the top left corner of the flag.

Maine and Massachusetts are the only two states in the Union to fly a separate ensign, or flag at sea. Maine’s official ensign is a rectangular flag with a white background. A block image of a green pine tree appears in the center with a blue anchor behind it. The text, “DIRIGO,” appears in blue capital letters above the tree and anchor; and the text, “MAINE,” appears below the tree and anchor in the same font.

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