Flag of the State of Nebraska








The flag of the state of Nebraska was adopted in 1925 but not made official until July 16, 1963, making Nebraska one of the last states to adopt a state flag. The flag is rectangular with a bright blue background. The Great Seal of the State of Nebraska is featured prominently in gold and silver in the center of the flag.

The Great Seal of the State of Nebraska was adopted in 1867, the same year Nebraska joined the Union as the 37th U.S. state. The seal highlights Nebraska’s agriculture and industry. In the foreground, a blacksmith is pictured, working at his anvil, representing the importance of this industry to the state of Nebraska. Behind the blacksmith, a small log cabin and a few sheaves of harvested wheat are pictured, symbolizing both the importance of agriculture and westward settlers to Nebraska’s state history. A river with a steamboat and a train running along tracks are also pictured in the seal, recognizing the importance of transportation to Nebraska’s industry, culture, and economy. Mountains also appear in the distance behind the train, depicting Nebraska’s skyline.

Two texts appear on the Great Seal of the State of Nebraska. The first text is written on a banner above the train and contains the state motto, “Equality Before the Law,” signifying that all people are equally protected under the same laws. The second text appears around the seal and reads: “Great Seal of the State of Nebraska, March 1, 1867.” This text commemorates the day Nebraska became an official state in the Union.

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