Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t thought of a gift for the special mother in your life, then check out some of our great suggestions at the United States Flag Store. If your mom loves gardening or flags, we have a great selection of bee, ladybug, and butterfly banner flags that she is sure to love! Read on to learn about a few of the great options available.

The Butterfly Banner Flag is a beautiful gift idea for Mother’s Day. This flag features a green and yellow background with blue flowers lightly printed on top. Four big, beautiful butterflies are features in the foreground of the flag, one blue, one monarch, and two red and yellow ones. Under the butterflies, the text “Welcome” appears in scripted font. Order this great flag today for only $24, a savings of $4.80 off the list price!

The Lady Bug Decorative Banner Flag is a great gift idea for a mom who loves whimsical designs. This flag features an adorable red lady bug with curly antennae in the lower right corner of the flag. A big yellow flower, two smaller white flowers, and another smaller lady bug appear in the background. The flag features a blue curvy border, as well. This flag measures approximately 28 inches by 44 inches, but the bottom of the flag is contoured around the design. Order this cute flag today for only $18.95!

The Bee House Decorative Banner Flag is another great Mother’s Day gift idea. This flag features a honeybee hive in the center, complete with a doorway and red heart on top. Three bees swarm around the flag and red, pink, purple, and white flowers appear around the sides of the flag. The flag has a light blue background. Order this adorable flag today for only $18.95!

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