Solar Lights for In-Ground Flag Poles

Keeping your American Flag illuminated at night is recommended in the United States Flag Code, unless the flag is lowered at sunset. But keeping your flag pole lit all night can increase your electric bill significantly. One remedy to this problem is to use a solar flag pole light. At the United States Flag Store, we have a great selection of solar flag pole lights that are powerful enough to use with in-ground flag poles. Read on to learn more about our great selection.

Our Online Stores Brand Flag Pole Solar Light is an easy and economical way to keep your American FlaAFPSLg illuminated. This flag pole light is simple to install, with no wiring required. The light simply collects energy from the sunlight during the day, absorbing it with solar panels, and uses that energy to illuminate your flag pole at night. The flag pole light doesn’t compromise on brightness, either, with 20 LEDs and a 10-inch diameter, your American flag will be beautifully illuminated. This flag pole light is designed for use with in-ground flag poles between 15 and 25 feet in length. The 0.5-inch diameter hole through the light is designed to fit on standard spindle threading for flag pole ornaments. Order this great light today for only $69.99, a savings of $10 off the list price.

The Solar Flag light by Valley Forge is another great solar flag pole light option. This light is easy to install with absolutely no wiring required. The solar light panels absorb energy from the sun throughout the day and then illuminate your flag at night with a bright white 100 LUX output that provides light for 6 to 12 hours, depending on weather conditions. Order this great flag pole light today for only $129.49, a savings of nearly $14 off the list price.

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