Patriotic Centerpieces for 4th of July

Independence Day is quickly approaching, and if you’re having a 4th of July gathering to celebrate the day, you’ll need some great patriotic decorations. You know that the United States Flag Store has high-quality American flags and accessories at unbeatable prices, but we also have great deals on patriotic decorations, including centerpieces that will make your picnic or dining room table look great! Read on to learn more about just a few of our patriotic centerpieces.

The Mini Stars Patriotic Centerpiece is a foil centerpiece that will add both color and patriotism to any table. This centerFLGPDEC1000009088_-00_patriotic-centerpiece-mini-starspiece is 8.5 inches tall and features foil streamers that spread outwards with red, white, and blue mini-stars for a festive and patriotic look. The centerpiece comes with a weighted base to keep it from falling over. This centerpiece is a great way to add some fun to your Independence Day gathering. Order a few of these today for only $1.89 each.

TFLGPDEC1000009087_-00_patriotic-centerpiece-sprayhe Patriotic Spray Centerpiece is another great way to add some festive patriotism to your tables. This centerpiece is taller than the Mini Stars Centerpiece, and measures 18 inches. The design of the centerpiece includes red, white, and blue foil streamers bursting out of the base with red, white, and blue stars, too. The weighted base is wrapped in blue foil, making it both functional and attractive. Order these beautiful centerpieces for your Independence Day party today for only $3.39 each.

The Patriotic Prismatic Centerpiece is truly a festive decoration for Independence Day. This cFLGPDEC1000009091_-00_patriotic-centerpiece-prismaticenterpieces features blue streamers branching out from the center. The centerpiece is also decorated with red, white, and blue stars, as well as prismatic circles with American flag features and the word “Celebrate” printed in script across the prism. These centerpieces are 18 inches tall and are available for only $4.99 each.

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