Superknit Polyester American Flags from Online Stores

Are you looking for a durable American flag that will look great but won’t break the bank? The United States Flag Store can help you find the perfect flag that balances durability with economy: our Superknit Polyester Flags last as long as their more expensive nylon counterparts, but are half the price. To name just a few features, these flags feature a thick nylon header that keeps the flag attached to the pole, even in extreme weather conditions. The flags also feature strong brass grommets that won’t rip out under the stress of high speed winds. At the flag end, these banners feature four rows of stitching, compared to the usual two rows, to prevent fraying and promote long lasting wear. Read on to learn more about just a few of the options available at the United States Flag Store’s online store.

The 3-foot by 5-foot Superknit Polyester American Flag with Grommets is a great option for indoor or outdoor use. This flagUSA35SKP_-American Flag Superknit Polyester 3ft x 5ft with Grommets_Flag is printed on our specially designed, attractive superknit polyester, that has a silky shine to it. The flag features excellent durability and includes a strong nylon header and brass grommets that make it suitable for outdoor use, even in bad weather. You might see flags like this for over $8 at department or home improvement stores, but at the United States Flag Store, you can order this flag for only $4.10!

The 4-foot by 6-foot Superknit Polyester American Flag with Grommets is a great flag for those looking for a larger model, or to order a flag in larger quantities. The flag features all the great qualities as the 3-foot by 5-foot flag, including our signature superknit polyester, durable nylon header, and brass grommets. Order this great flag today for only $9.25, or as low as $7.25 when purchased in larger quantities!

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