Flag Day

Darryl MeltonFlag day this year brought us our fourth Show Us Yours! photo, from Darryl M. in Diamondhead, MS.

We love this montage that he sent us. Darryl shares that he loves to fly all the flags he orders from us, and says quality is the biggest factor when choosing! “I change them out twice a year to keep them in good condition.” This is great advice. “I also use your 20ft telescopic pole for my weather station,” he adds.

What about that weather station? “I have been a weather spotter since 1991. I report to two TV stations: one in New Orleans, LA; and the other in Biloxi, MS.” He said he looked around for a long time for something on which to put his weather station – then found our site and the 20ft telescopic pole. “It works perfect. I can lower it down when I have to do maintenance on it. It is a great price and high quality pole. You can see it on the pictures I sent to you. Feel free to visit my website anytime!”

We’re not ones to turn down an invitation, so we are passing along his link, where you can again see the beautiful triptych Darryl submitted: http://darrylmeltondiamondheadweather.com/

Darryl, please let us know what you end up getting with your credit. Thanks so much for sharing!

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