October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In 1985, American Cancer Society and the Imperial Chemical Industries teamed up to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer. In 1993 Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies, founded The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as its symbol, but the pink ribbon was not the first time used. In 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors.

bras bridgeThere were many opportunities to participate in an event in our area. My favorite is Bras Across The Bridge where you pay $20 and bring a new bra to donate. All proceeds go to people that are in need of mammograms. Not only do women attend, but kids, and men. All with their bras on the outside of their clothing. All dressed in pink, tutus, Mardi Gras beads, and full-on crazy fun.

janetI have a girlfriend Janet, who is a breast cancer survivor. Four years, cancer free. Janet’s story is everything NOT to do when something is wrong with your body. She did not go to doctors, she did not do self examinations and she did not get mammograms. Janet kept her illness to herself. She hid it from all her family. After years of keeping this to herself, knowing in her heart that it was cancer. It came time to face the fact that she had to go to the hospital. With only her sister by her side she finally went in. Hospital staff was amazed and appalled with what she was to face. Janet said knowing that she was going, gave her the peace of mind and wherewithal to do what she had to do.

She survived a series of chemo, radiation and a mastectomy, then five other surgeries that were not directly related to the cancer but may impact the cancer, were additionally performed. “After every surgery, after every treatment everything went the way it was suppose to, like everyone, including me was in that place at that particular time to work the way it was suppose to. This journey has been a testimony to my beliefs, knowing that when I gave it over to God, he would take care of it.”


Thanksgiving is Turkey Time and More!

gobbleThis collection of 4 fun Thanksgiving banners is just the ticket to decorate for curb appeal this Thanksgiving!  These banners show equally well from either side. They give a stained glass effect in sunlight or spotlight. The first 2 in this collection are individual fabric pieces sewn together and all measure 28” x 44”. The last 2 are silk-screened.

  • All feature a pole hem for vertical display
  • All are made from soft, high-quality nylon fabric.

Thanksgiving Banner – Gobble It Up

Mr. Gobbler is both fun and festive! He has a black and white polka dot pilgrim with a gold sequin buckle.

flgbdec1000021499-happy-thanksgiving-turkey-flag-bannerHappy Thanksgiving Turkey Banner

Tom Turkey is surrounded by fruits and flowers of the season and gives a cheery welcome to your Thanksgiving guests!

Welcome Thanksgiving Banner Flag

This Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Flag hangs outside your home or business to celebrate the season! Try pairing it with our matching mailbox cover and/or smaller garden flag for maximum Thanksgiving punch!turkey


Food Flags

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was having a Cookie exchange for Christmas. I invited 25 people; if I get that many would be a great achievement. I am hosting this at my house and those of you that read this blog know I live in Pensacola, Florida. I love to entertain. My thoughts are leaning to an outside garden party, because I live in Florida and the weather will be beautiful. In my mind I have little bistro tables with lacy table clothes. Pretty fall center pieces and fairy lights. I will be serving Champagne Punch, the recipe my girlfriend Carole serves, with fresh raspberries. I also am going to make some finger foods. This is being held in the late afternoon/early evening.

I like to cook, bake, do some canning, freeze a couple of meals and eat it all! I have the backyard thought out but the front yard was a challenge. I went online for ideas. I was online for over 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours, you see one thing then click on something else. But what I found was flags, banners, and signs, all to do with FOOD.

cookie jalepenocookie cheerI started looking at Welcome signs and from there I went to Cheers, Wine, Candy, Watermelon, Pumpkins, Jalapenos, Turkey, Strawberries and Pineapple. Then there are carnival foods: Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, Sno Cones, Pizza and Italian Ice. Knowing a few people with delis/bistro type restaurants, I am thinking these would be great for everyday or specialty sales! Welcome and Open flags and banners. Your flag could be tres chic, rustic, cutesy or just plain fun. If those ideas do not tickle you, do you know we can custom make your flag, banner or sign? Whether you need one for your place of business or you are on a committee that needs to get the word out about your organization, fundraiser, school or campaign this idea is really an eye catcher.

cookieTo finish off my Garden Cookie Coup, I am using a Welcome Garden Flag and stringing fairy lights along the ground to make a path. I am making wedding cookies, one of my favorites, melt in your mouth buttery goodness. Here is a picture of them.  Maybe it is early enough to have your own Cookie exchange…


Polish Heritage Month

I am 1/2 Polish, on my Mother’s side. My Grandparents were both from Poland. My Grandparents had accents, spoke in polandnational-printed-polyPolish among themselves, but us Grandkids did not speak, nor were not taught the language. I remember when our family would get together for the holidays and the great food that was prepared.

We would have Borscht Soup (beet soup), always Chicken Noodle, Golobki (stuffed cabbage), Kielbasa (sausage both smoked and fresh), sauerkraut and rye bread, fresh from the bakery. Our holidays evolved around cooking. My Grandma and Aunty Gene were the best of cooks! I LOVE to cook myself so I make all of these dishes.

When my daughters were growing up we incorporated customs from Poland into the Holidays so they would know their heritage. Easter time was the basket that they would fill, with bread, decorated Easter Eggs and of course the butter shaped like a lamb. This we would take to Church for Father to Bless on Saturday before Easter Sunday. Christmas, we would have a special meal on Christmas Eve then attend Midnight Mass. On birthdays we would always sing Sto Lat! Which this song goes on to wish you to live to be a hundred! The girls went to Catholic school and was predominantly Polish. So we did celebrate the customs in school also.

polandstate-printed-polyIn 1984, President Ronald Reagan passed that August would be Polish American heritage Month. But this was changed in 1986 to October so schools could participate.

The Polish Flag is Red and White, either the standard plain or with the Polish Eagle. If you are of Polish Heritage, fly your Flag!

Dobry (hello), Kocham cie (I love you), na zdrowie (cheers). So hail a Pole this month, maybe even have a Polish meal.

Sto Lat!


Happy Birthday, US Navy!

Today marks 239 years for the United States Navy, starting with the Continental Navy, when the Continental Congress authorized the procurement of 2 armed vessels, on October 13, 1775. By the end of our War of Independence we had almost 50 ships with 20 warships in our fleet.

I live in Pensacola, Florida and we are a Navy town. Our Naval Air Base Pensacola is a longtime site for maritime vessels. This is called the “Cradle of Naval Aviation.”

navy aerialNAS Pensacola is the primary base for Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard Aviators. In 1825, President John Quincy Adams designated this area for the Pensacola Navy Yard. The Navy Appropriations Act of 1911 made the possibilities of Naval Aviation.

We are also home of the Untied States Navy Blue Angels. The Blue Angels were formed in 1946 for the morale of the Navy. We are real proud of “our” Blue Angels around here. We get two shows, one out on Pensacola Beach and then their Homecoming Show in November.

flag blue angel pcola beach signMy Grandbaby Lilly was here in July and we went out to the beach for the show. As you may imagine, it was a perfect day. The show in November will be held out on the base and we will be going out for that too.

Our Navy is rich in history. Their motto is “Not Self, But Country,” or “Non sibi sed patriae”. With that in mind, Honey and I took our pup to take a run out to the beach just last night. As we were unloading the truck, a polite young man came up to us to “borrow” a smoke, I asked: “Do you have a lighter?” Oh, yes ma’am. About 5 minutes later he came out to the water for that light. My Honey asked, “what you boys doing?” He said they were stationed out to the base. My Honey, being the Marine Vet he is,  reached around and gave that young man a twenty spot, “just to get through”.

navy flagI was standing in the water looking toward two different generations of Military men and thinking “Not Self, But Country”