Polish Heritage Month

I am 1/2 Polish, on my Mother’s side. My Grandparents were both from Poland. My Grandparents had accents, spoke in polandnational-printed-polyPolish among themselves, but us Grandkids did not speak, nor were not taught the language. I remember when our family would get together for the holidays and the great food that was prepared.

We would have Borscht Soup (beet soup), always Chicken Noodle, Golobki (stuffed cabbage), Kielbasa (sausage both smoked and fresh), sauerkraut and rye bread, fresh from the bakery. Our holidays evolved around cooking. My Grandma and Aunty Gene were the best of cooks! I LOVE to cook myself so I make all of these dishes.

When my daughters were growing up we incorporated customs from Poland into the Holidays so they would know their heritage. Easter time was the basket that they would fill, with bread, decorated Easter Eggs and of course the butter shaped like a lamb. This we would take to Church for Father to Bless on Saturday before Easter Sunday. Christmas, we would have a special meal on Christmas Eve then attend Midnight Mass. On birthdays we would always sing Sto Lat! Which this song goes on to wish you to live to be a hundred! The girls went to Catholic school and was predominantly Polish. So we did celebrate the customs in school also.

polandstate-printed-polyIn 1984, President Ronald Reagan passed that August would be Polish American heritage Month. But this was changed in 1986 to October so schools could participate.

The Polish Flag is Red and White, either the standard plain or with the Polish Eagle. If you are of Polish Heritage, fly your Flag!

Dobry (hello), Kocham cie (I love you), na zdrowie (cheers). So hail a Pole this month, maybe even have a Polish meal.

Sto Lat!


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