National Law Enforcement Appreciation – January 9, 2019

Across the United States, January 9th is a call to the nation’s citizens to support law enforcement. Law Enforcement Officers of every rank and file have chosen a profession that puts their life on the line every day for their communities. They’ve answered a call to public service that is demanding and often unappreciated. On National Law Enforcement Day, we have an opportunity to thank them for their service and offer a token of respect.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was founded in 2015 to thank officers across the country for all the daily sacrifices they make for their communities.

There were numerous organizations in support of the inaugural day of National Law Enforcement Officers Appreciation Day that included:

  • Concerns of Police Survivors
  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • International Association of Chief of Police
  • Officer Down Memorial Page
  • Law Enforcement United
  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
  • International Conference of Police Chaplains
  • National Troopers Coalition

Since 2015, many more organizations have joined forces to support National Law Enforcement Appreciate Day (L.E.A.D.) to spread encouragement and respect to these dedicated men and women.

There are several ways to show our support to these heroes:

  • Change your profile pic on social media to the .jpg image provided at
  • Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement
  • Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency
  • Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media
  • Participate in Project Blue Light by proudly displaying your blue light in support of law enforcement
  • Attend or organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers

Finally, and most importantly, if you see a police officer, thank them.

United States Flag Store offers an assortment of police flags supporting these brave public servants. The thin blue line is used by law enforcement as a symbol to commemorate fallen comrades and show support for living officers. Each stripe has its own meaning, the black stripe on the top is the public, the bottom black stripe is the criminals. The thin blue line in the middle that separates the two is a representation of law enforcement, they are what stand between the two.

We are here to answer all your questions. Feel free to give us a toll free call at 1-877-734-2458 or email us at

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