5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Flagpole

When installing a flagpole for your home, the right installation is key to keep it standing as long as possible and to avoid damage to structures and landscaping. Unfortunately, installation can be more difficult than it may seem, and fixing it afterwards is much harder than doing it right the first time. To make sure the job is done right the first time, avoid these common mistakes.

20ft Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole - (Ships UPS)

1. Poor Location

Flagpoles that are too close to trees, structures, and power lines can cause damage to all of these items, especially in windy areas. The homeowner needs to think about what is around the base of the pole as well. A shifting flagpole can uproot plants and damage landscaping around its base.

2. Wrong Pole

One of the most important considerations is the strength of the flagpole. If it will be placed in a wide- open area, it will be subject to strong winds. The homeowner will need a sturdy one-piece design. If there are trees and structures around, the wind will be partially blocked, leaving more leeway for a telescoping or two-piece flagpole.

3. Wobbly Base

To keep a flagpole upright, it is not enough to just drill a hole in the ground and set the pole in. The hold needs to be filled with cement that is deep and wide enough to form a large block when it sets. This is to avoid the pole from toppling over. A good rule of thumb is to dig the hole about four times the diameter of the pole. Click here for installation instructions on some of our most popular flagpoles.

4. Pole Damage

Until the pole is up, it is easy for it to get scratched or dented, or the rings and fastenings can be crushed or bent. Until you are ready to raise it, the flagpole should stay wrapped in its packaging. The homeowner should schedule the final installation as soon as possible after receiving the pole to avoid leaving it on the ground.

5. Forgotten Parts

The flagpole usually isn’t just one piece. Instead, there is may be a collar and an array of fastenings and extension pieces used for different models. Usually, these pieces need to be assembled before setting the flagpole in the hole, so it is important to complete these steps in the right order.

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Winter Preparation and Care for Flag and Flagpoles

Keeping your flag and flagpole in good shape during the winter starts with prevention. Preparing your flagpole, before it gets too cold, will make the job easier. Let’s look at some simple tips for winter preparation and care for flag and flagpoles.

Let’s start with the flag. If you usually use a nylon fabric during the spring and summer months, you will want to switch to a sewn polyester blend for winter. While the nylon is more lightweight and can handle the summer breezes, it more than likely will not withstand the cold winds of winter. The sewn polyester blend is made with the same lock-stitching but are about twice the weight of its nylon counterpart.

If you live in an area with harsh winters, you may want to also consider flying a flag that is one size smaller than your spring/summer flag. This will greatly improve your chances of a lasting flag. So, if you fly a 4-foot x 6-foot nylon flag during the summer months, try flying a 3-foot x 5 foot sewn polyester flag through winter. You will be going from a 24 foot of square sail to 15 feet of square sail. The greater the surface area, the greater the resistance. Hence, the less the surface area, the less resistance. You will have a much smaller looking flag on the flagpole than you are used to, but it will be better than a ripped or shredded flag.

On to the flagpole parts…look at the truck , halyard and the swivel snap hooks (or flag clips). If any of these parts have become damaged or worn out, now is the time to replace them. Take special notice of the truck . The truck allows the entire flagpole to work. When changing your flag for winter, check the truck to make sure the pulley (or pulleys) is functioning properly. A failed truck can result in parts breaking down much quicker and the flag wrapping around the flagpole and fraying much sooner.

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Choosing a New Flagpole

Eder Commerical Grade Sectional 25ft Flagpole

With warmer weather finally here, now is the perfect time to put up a flagpole and raise your flags. To start with, you will need a good flagpole. But who has quality flagpoles? That’s where  Eder Flagpoles come in. Manufactured in Wisconsin, Eder Flags are the largest manufacturer of flags and flagpoles in the United States. Eder Flagpoles are made for both  indoor and  outdoor use. They also make some of the best quality flags out there. These flags are durable thanks to poly-max, a material that allows the flag to last much longer.

Wall Mount Flag Poles are some of the most common flags you’ll see when you are driving through the neighborhood. If you want to get one of your own, then you can try  Valley Forge’s . Their flag kits are perfect for your home or business and are easy to put together, especially since each kit comes with the appropriate accessories. Just like Eder Flags, Valley Forge makes their flags and kits right here in the USA.

Finally, we have our flag pole  accessories which are crucial to having an outdoor flag and keeping it looking beautiful.  Flagpoles lighting, parts, and more are available for everything your outdoor flag needs. Add some flair to your flagpole with ornaments ranging from stars to eagles or stay simple with conventional  ball ornaments .

Enjoy your flag outdoors and have a wonderful Spring and Summer!

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Getting Your Flagpole Ready for the Season

Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential flagpole with US made nylon flag

Your flagpole is an investment, and with proper care and maintenance, it can stay looking great for years to come. A rule of thumb is to inspect your flagpole and its parts whenever you replace your flag. Flagpoles can be subjected to extreme weather that include high winds, extreme humidity or extreme cold. Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to do a little spring cleaning on your flagpole and accessories.

Most aluminum flagpoles can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. By simply attaching a soapy sponge to the halyard, you can clean the pole by raising and lowering the halyard with the sponge attached. If cleaning the flagpole requires more than soap and water, purchasing aluminum cleaner from your local auto parts store will do the trick.

Fiberglass flagpoles can be cleaned with a mild bathroom cleaner and water. Flagpoles with anodized finishes, such as clear, bronze or black, do not require cleaning. The anodized color serves as a protective coating, and cleaning the surface can actually damage them and void the warranty.

Weather can also affect the flagpole’s halyard . The cold weather can cause a halyard to degrade and dry-rot, while salt air can cause the halyard’s fibers to appear “rotted out”. Wind, rain, and humidity can stress the halyard and cause it to fray as well.  Replacing the halyard doesn’t have to require a bucket truck, though. A great tip is to just tape the end of the new halyard to the old one and pull it up the flagpole and through the truck’s pulley. A little tape around a frayed halyard end will help it pass through the truck’s pulley smoothly. Be sure not to overlap the two ends or use an excessive, bulky amount of tape. You want the rope to glide through the pulley easily.

You’ll also want to replace snaphooks and snaphook covers when you’re replacing the halyard.

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Valentine’s Day Flags

Give your flagpole and your garden some love this Valentine’s Day by adorning them with our Valentine’s Day Flags!

We carry flags for your standard flagpole and for your garden that will add color and love to your home. Our flags are made for outdoor use so they are fit to withstand most weather conditions.

There are several designs to choose from, ranging from candy to love.

Valentines Day Banner Flag - Valentines Candy

Valentines Day Banner Flag - L-O-V-E

Bring some smiles with bees with this Bee Mine Flag or spread Hugs and Kisses with this beautiful pink flag!

Valentines Day Garden Flag - Bee Mine

Valentines Day Garden Flag - Hugs & Kisses

Of course, if you do not have one, you can get a garden flagpole to start off with. It’s durable and easy to set up with just three pieces. These are made for 12 inch x 18 inch flags.

Super Tough Garden Flagpole

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


United States Flag Store’s Frequently Asked Questions

Happy New Year! United States Flag Store welcomes customer questions on flags, flagpoles, flag cases, and accessories. We want, as well do our customers, to be sure that they receive the correct information when it comes to properly displaying flags.  Let’s go over a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What size flag case is needed for an American Memorial (funeral) flag?

All Memorial flags are 5 feet x 9.5 feet in size.  When properly folded, the American Memorial flag will show the stars at the uppermost to remind us of our national motto, “In God We Trust”.  While there is no code on how the American flag should be folded, the current 13 fold manner has gained popularity through the years. Each fold is a reflection of the ideals of the United States of America.

What size flag should I fly on my flagpole?

The answer will depend on the size of your flagpole.  The standard size flag for a residential flagpole (15 feet, 20 feet, or 25 feet) is a 3 feet x 5 feet flag. The larger the flagpole, the larger your flag will need to be. The length of the flag should be at least 1/4 the height of the flagpole.

What does anodizing mean?

Anodization is a process of actually coating the outside of the aluminum flagpole with an oxide. Typically, the aluminum pole is “bathed” in a solution containing sulfur, chromic, or boric acid. In this bath, the aluminum pole is positively charged by connecting it to the positive terminal of a dc power supply, becoming an anode in the chemical process. An inert electronic conductor, usually a plate or rod of carbon, lead, nickel or steel, is then connected to the negative terminal of a dc power supply, thus becoming the cathode. Upon closing the electric circuit, electrons are withdrawn away from the anode, the aluminum pole, and thereby allow ions on the surface on the aluminum to react with the electrolyzed bath solution to form an oxide layer on the aluminum flagpole. Aluminum cations (an ion in an electrolyzed solution that migrates to the cathode) move away from the aluminum pole to react with the water in the bath at the oxide/electrolyte interface to form an oxide at that surface. At the same time, oxide anions (an ion in an electrolyzed solution that migrates to the anode) move toward the aluminum flagpole to react with the aluminum at the aluminum/oxide interface. New oxide is deposited or created at both interfaces and thus the total oxide thickens. This oxide creates a barrier connected to the aluminum flagpole at the molecular level. This oxide can be altered to produce color changes on the pole; the range of available color is limited to shades of bronze to black.

What is the difference between nylon and polyester for the American flag?

Deciding what is the best American flag material depends on how you decide to fly your flag. Polyester flags , being a heavier fabric, are designed to hold up in conditions where there are high winds. They are also best if you plan on flying your flag 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Nylon flags are lighter, so they only need a light breeze to “fly”. They also do better in a wet climate because they are great at shedding water.

United States Flag Store is here to answer all your questions.  Feel free to give us a toll free call at 1-877-734-2458 or email us at support@onlinestores.com.

Aluminum Flag Poles

The United States Flag Store is your one-stop online shopping website for flags, but we also sell a variety of high-quality flag poles and flag pole kits. Because we offer our own Online Stores brand of many of the flag pole kits, we’re able to offer you great products at unbeatable prices, sometimes over 50% off the list price. Read on to learn about a few of the options available for aluminum flag poles and kits.

The 20-foot Online Stores Brand Flag Pole Kit includes everything you need to fly your favorite flag. The flag pole is made of high quality, maintenance free, 16 gauge aluminum and has a gold ball on top of the flag pole. The total length of the pole is 22 feet, with 2 feet at the bottom intended for cementing into the ground. The flag pole is 2 inches in diameter and disassembles into 5 sections (each section is 57 inches). The rope, all fittings, and plastic ground sleeve for cementing the flag pole into the ground are also included in the kit. This kit is designed for easy installation at home without expert assistance or a crane. Order this kit today for only $69, a savings of $81 off the list price. This is truly an unbeatable deal!

If you live in an area that has more extreme weather, the Heavy Duty 20-foot Residential Flag Pole with Valley Forge Nylon Flag is the perfect option for you. The flag pole included in the kit is 3 inches in diameter and tapers to 2 inches in diameter at the top. The flag pole consists of 5 silver anodized, 16-gauge seamless aluminum tubing sections that fit together for a smooth and tapered appearance. The flag pole includes a 3-inch diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament at the top, with the option of upgrading to a gold metal eagle. The flag pole kit also includes a solid braided polypropylene rope with two strong flag snaps, cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws, heavy duty ground sleeve, and a 3-foot by 5-foot sewn nylon Valley Forge U.S. flag with embroidered stars. Order this great kit today for only $149.95!

Telescoping Flag Poles

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to wave your American flag, or any other flag, a telescoping flag pole from Online Stores is a great solution. Our telescoping flag poles are easy to install, and don’t require expert assistance or a crane. They have received great reviews from our customers, too! Check out a few of our great varieties.

The Online Stores 16-foot Telescoping Flag Pole has a total length of 16 feet, 5 inches to allow for the bottom of the flag pole to be cemented into the ground. Using a simple spring release button, the pole expands from 5 feet to 15 feet. This flagpole makes flags easy to fly using rotating rings so flags won’t get tangled around the pole, as often happens with ropes. In addition to the telescoping flag pole, the kit also includes a 2.5-inch diameter gold ball flag pole top and a plastic ground sleeve to hold cement in the ground. This flag pole kit is one of our best sellers and includes a one-year limited warranty. Order yours today for just $55, a savings of $24 off the list price!

If you’re looking for a flag pole kit that includes everything you need, including the flag, the 18-foot Telescoping Flag Pole from Online Stores is the perfect kit for you. The kit includes a telescoping flag pole with a total length of 19 feet, to allow for the bottom of the flag pole to be cemented into the ground. Using a spring release button, the pole expands from 5 feet to 18 feet. Like the 16-foot telescoping flag pole, the flag pole has rotating rings to attach the flag, eliminating the need for a rope and the frustration of having your flag wrap around the pole. The kit also includes a 3-inch diameter gold ball flag pole top, plastic ground sleeve, a 3-foot by 5-foot sewn nylon Valley Forge American flag with embroidered stars, and a one-year limited warranty. Order this kit today for just $79!

Valley Forge Flag Pole Kits

Looking for a one-stop-shop for an American Flag and flagpole? Look no further than the United States Flag Store where you can order a flagpole kit, complete with a top-of-the line, American-made Valley Forge flag, and everything you need to waive your banner proudly outside your home. Here are just a few options:

The 18-foot Telescoping Flagpole with Sewn Valley Forge Flag is a great way to purchase an all-in-one flag kit at a great value. For only $79, this kit includes a beautiful 3-foot by 5-foot,  American-made, sewn Valley Forge flag with embroidered stars. The flag pole is 18.5 feet when installed, and features a telescoping mechanism for easy setup. The flagpole is made of rustproof aluminum and is 2 1/4 inches in diameter for residential-grade durability. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about your flag getting wrapped around your flagpole with this kit. The clips are mounted on rotating rings that keep your flag waving all the time. If you’re looking for a high-quality American flag with everything you need to fly it, don’t miss this great deal!

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty flagpole for your home, take a look at the 20-f0ot residential Flagpole with Valley Forge Nylon Flag kit. This kit includes a sewn American-made Valley Forge nylon flag with embroidered stars. The flag is 3 feet by 5 feet, but you can also upgrade to a 4-foot by 6-foot flag for only $8 extra.

The 20-foot heavy duty flagpole is 3 inches in diameter at the base, but tapers to 2 inches at the top. The flagpole consists of 5 heavy duty, silver, anodized, seamless aluminum tube sections that fit together perfectly for an elegantly tapered appearance. The flagpole also includes a 3-inch anodized aluminum ball ornament at the top that can be upgraded to a gold metal eagle for just $25. The flagpole includes other great features, too: a cast aluminum truck with a pulley for easy raising and lowering of your flag, a solid braided polypropylene rope with 2 strong flag snaps, a cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws, and a heavy duty ground sleeve for easy installation. Order yours today for just $149.95.

Residential Flag Poles

You can’t fly your favorite banner without a great flag pole from the United States Flag Store. At the United States Flag Store, we have a fantastic selection of flag poles for residential use in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Read on for just a few options.

The 16-foot telescoping flagpole is a perfect option for flying your favorite flag outside your home. This flagpole has a total exposed height of 16 feet and the pole expands from 5 feet to 15 feet in seconds with a spring release button. No need to worry about ropes to snarl or tangle because the clips on this flagpole are mounted on rotating rings to prevent the flag from becoming wrapped around the pole.

The 16-foot flagpole is made of rustproof aluminum and is 2 1/4″ diameter with a gold ball flagpole top. A plastic ground sleeve, to cement into the ground without expert assistant, is included, as well. These flagpoles have received great reviews from our customers and are available from the United States Flag Store for a great price of $55.

If you’re looking for a flag pole that’s a little taller, check out Online Store’s 20-foot flagpole. This flagpole is the latest version from Online Store, available at a great value for everyday customers. The flagpole is sturdy, with a two-inch diameter and increased wall thickness for added durability. The entire kit includes a plastic ground sleeve to allow for easily installation for ensure that the flagpole can be removed if necessary, a gold ball topper, rope and all fittings, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Although kits like this sell for as much as $150 in home improvement and other leading retail stores, you can order this five-star rated flagpole kit from the United States Flag Store for just $69.99. Order yours today!