5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Flagpole

When installing a flagpole for your home, the right installation is key to keep it standing as long as possible and to avoid damage to structures and landscaping. Unfortunately, installation can be more difficult than it may seem, and fixing it afterwards is much harder than doing it right the first time. To make sure the job is done right the first time, avoid these common mistakes.

1. Poor Location

Flagpoles that are too close to trees, structures, and power lines can cause damage to all of these items, especially in windy areas. The homeowner needs to think about what is around the base of the pole as well. A shifting flagpole can uproot plants and damage landscaping around its base.

2. Wrong Pole

One of the most important considerations is the strength of the flagpole. If it will be placed in a wide- open area, it will be subject to strong winds. The homeowner will need a sturdy one-piece design. If there are trees and structures around, the wind will be partially blocked, leaving more leeway for a telescoping or two-piece flagpole.

3. Wobbly Base

To keep a flagpole upright, it is not enough to just drill a hole in the ground and set the pole in. The hold needs to be filled with cement that is deep and wide enough to form a large block when it sets. This is to avoid the pole from toppling over. A good rule of thumb is to dig the hole about four times the diameter of the pole. Click here for installation instructions on some of our most popular flagpoles.

4. Pole Damage

Until the pole is up, it is easy for it to get scratched or dented, or the rings and fastenings can be crushed or bent. Until you are ready to raise it, the flagpole should stay wrapped in its packaging. The homeowner should schedule the final installation as soon as possible after receiving the pole to avoid leaving it on the ground.

5. Forgotten Parts

The flagpole usually isn’t just one piece. Instead, there is may be a collar and an array of fastenings and extension pieces used for different models. Usually, these pieces need to be assembled before setting the flagpole in the hole, so it is important to complete these steps in the right order.

United States Flag Store is here to answer all your questions. Feel free to give us a toll-free call at 1-877-734-2458 or email us at support@onlinestores.com.

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