Fun Winter Flags

There’s no reason to give your banner flag pole the winter off. United States Flag Store has a fun assortment of winter flags for you to add some whimsy to those cold winter days.

Our decorative winter flags are made specifically for outdoor use. Made with 200 Denier nylon, each flag measures 28 inches x 44 inches and features bold colors. Our flags are readable from both sides so they can be seen and enjoyed from all sides.

Hopefully, the neighborhood kids are keeping the community stocked with friendly snowmen, but just in case they are not, we have plenty of fun snowmen banner flags. Just because they are cold, doesn’t mean the snowmen aren’t enjoying winter.

BBQ Swooper Flag - Red

United States Flag Store also offers other designs including a polar bear , cardinals , a fun “Let It Snow” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” banner flags.


Thanksgiving Flags


Thanksgiving Banner Flag - Turkey Time

Right before Halloween, it seems like everyone heads straight into Christmas without even giving Thanksgiving a thought. Stores begin to roll out decorations, sweets, and even fake Christmas trees. As the years go by, it feels like Thanksgiving is often forgotten about. Now you can remind everyone by flying a Thanksgiving flag or banner.


Proudly display turkeys, a harvest theme such as colorful corn, bright pumpkins, and giving thanks. Our Thanksgiving flags are great for those who love to decorate for any holiday. Our flags and banners are durable and are made to resist some of the toughest weather conditions. They are also printed with vibrant colors so your flags can stand out in your yard or garden.

Thanksgiving Banner Flag  - Vintage Thanks

If you also need a pole to hang your flags, we carry metal garden flag holders so you can hang your flags and banners. We carry sizes 13’’ x 18’’ for garden flags, as well as large 28’’ x 44’’ banner flags. Our holders are easy to put together and you can put them anywhere in your yard.

Mini Flag Arbors- Pumpkin


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Veterans Day 💗💙



Every November 11th since 1919, it has been a day set aside, past and present, for the service they have given to our nation. How do we observe this day and honor our brave men and women? Here are a number of ways:





  1. Support organizations that support the military and their families. Businesses often offer discounts or even a free service as a way to thank veterans. Some businesses also have a portion of the day’s proceeds donated to military organizations so it is a good day to patronize these businesses.


  1. Fly a US Flag. This is one of the official days to fly the flag.


  1. Donate to an organization that supports veterans. There are many organizations supporting veterans and any amount helps them towards their cause.


  1. Volunteer. This is a great way to give back in your community and you can always check with your local VA and other veteran organizations to find out what you can do.


  1. Attend a Veterans Day parade or event. Many towns and cities all over the country hold these to honor their local veterans. Come by and show your support!


  1. Thank a veteran for their service. They have sacrificed so much for us to have our freedom. Thanking them and expressing gratitude is one thing we can all do.


However you choose to observe the day, always have a safe and happy Veterans Day. We wish to extend a thank you to all of our men and women who have served.



Business Flags!


If you are a business owner and you are looking to attract customers to your business, why not try out our advertising flags? We carry swooper flags, which are tall flags that bring attention with bright colors and the swooping noise they make when the wind blows.



If you opened your business just recently, we carry a variety of flags that will let

customers know you are open for business! Drive on in or let everyone know you are also open on Sundays! These flags are just too hard to ignore!



Open Sundays Swooper Flag - Red & Yellow


Running an eatery? Try our Food and Beverage flags! If you are a realtor and you are

selling a house or building, we have open house flags for you to let potential buyers know where you are! We carry all sorts of swoopers flags for your business and we may have the right one for you. We even carry swooper flags in Spanish.


BBQ Swooper Flag - Red



However, if you want to to print your own logo on a flag, you don’t even need to worry. We can customize your own swooper flags to any way you like it. These flags are 200 denier nylon so they are good for both indoor and outdoor use. The sizes of the flags range from 3’x’8 to 3’x’15. Select the size you need and email us your artwork and we will get to work immediately!  It is about a four week wait time for us to work on it but it is well worth the wait.



Canada’s 150th Birthday!🍁

Just before Independence Day in the United States, our neighbors in the North celebrate Canada Day on July 1. This holiday is celebrated much like the 4th of July here in the United States with barbecues, fireworks, and most importantly, patriotism.

Canada Day marks the anniversary of the day when Canada became its own nation from Great Britain through the Constitution Act of 1867. At the time, Canada was originally British territory, so once the Dominion Act was signed into effect, four provinces were created. These provinces were New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada, which was divided into two provinces that are known as Ontario and Quebec.

In the early years of Canada Day, the holiday was not celebrated as much. It wasn’t until recently that people began to celebrate the holiday more often and is taken more seriously. The people of Canada proudly display their red and white maple leaf as much as their southern neighbors bring out the stars and stripes. But did you know the Canadian flag was not always a maple leaf?

Canada’s flag originally had the Canadian Red Ensign on it. It was red with a Union Jack in the corner along with Canada’s Coat of Arms on the lower right. It was not until 1964 when then-Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson informed the House of Commons that the government had asked to adopt a new flag for the country. This flag was inaugurated in 1965 after submissions were made for the new design and the current maple leaf design was approved.

The red maple leaf of Canada is a symbol of patriotism and identity for Canadians. They wear it with pride every July 1 as well as year round. Pins are worn on lapels, maple leaves are painted on faces at sporting events, or flags are simply waved next to another’s in solidarity with their neighbors. If you have a family member or a neighbor who is from Canada, surprise them with one of our Canadian flags from our flag store!

Happy Canada Day!





State Post – Illinois

Illinois became the 21st US state on December 3rd, 1818. Illinois was founded by two French explorers, Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet in 1673. In 1679, French settlers arrived and established the first settlement of Cahokia. Great Britain later gained the area during the French and Indian Wars in 1763.

Illinois originally had a state flag in 1913 which chose Lucy Derwent’s submission of the Great Seal of the State of Illinois, which had been created in 1868, on a white background. The flag depicts a bald eagle, symbolizing the United States, perching itself on a rock while carrying a shield in its talons. The shield is of the original 13 stars and stripes. In its beak is also a red ribbon, reading State, Sovereignty, National, and Union. However, Sovereignty is upside down. The dates on the rock, 1818 and 1868 are the years Illinois became a state and when the current Great Seal was ptsil_-00_front_illinois-embroidered-patchpicked up. The flag was eventually redesigned in 1970 by a Mrs. Sanford Hutchinson. In the newer version, the name Illinois now reads underneath the eagle in blue. There is also ground around the rock the eagle sits on alongside a sea and a sun in the background. The ground by the rock represents the soil of Illinois.

Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln, for Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Although Lincoln was born in Kentucky and spent his childhood in Indiana, he moved to Springfield, Illinois (which eventually became Illinois’ capital) in 1830 where he eventually became a lawyer. He gained fame during his campaign for Senator of Illinois thanks to his debates with his Democratic opponent Stephen A. Douglas. Although Lincoln lost the election, it helped pave the way for his presidential nomination just a few years later.

Lincoln, as President, helped abolish slavery during his term. He created the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that freed the slaves within the Confederacy. He also delivered his most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address, that same year. He delivered it at the dedication of the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in which he began with the famous, “Four score and seven years ago”.

Tragically, Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 at the Ford’s Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth, who was an actor. He was there with his wife to see a play called “Our American Cousin”. Booth’s motive for the assassination was that he believed he was helping the South. Lincoln is interred just outside Springfield at the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site.

New Year, New Flag

flag historicalNew Year, New Flag

It seems like January was a stellar (pun intended) month to join the Union, adding each State’s star to Old Glory. The constellation of the stars within the union, one for each State, is symbolic of our Federal Constitution, which holds each State to their individual sovereignty.

As these January-inducted States joined the Union, a Star was added. Here are the Seven:

Georgia January 2. 1787 The 17th Star

Connecticut January 9, 1788 The 18th Star

michigan-nylonMichigan January 26, 1837 The 26th Star

Kansas January 29, 1861 The 34th Star

Utah January 4, 1896 The 45th Star

New Mexico January 6, 1912 The 48th Star

Alaska January 3, 1959 The 49th Star

If you live in, are from, love one of these states, celebrate its induction this month. Fly Old Glory or order a State-specific Flag today. Start off the New Year flying your colors.

Happy New Year!


Vote 2014

vote repWhen I was growing up we had Civics Class. Civics taught you what it meant to be American, in a country where you had the right and honor to be apart of the what is bigger than just you but the community in which you live. Civics: the study or science of the privileges and obligations of citizens. Webster Dictionary. Being a good citizen is voting.

vote demo 1The timeline of our country’s voting has not always been to encompass all. The beginning brought only white and landowners in 1790. In 1870, the 15 Amendment was passed to include former slaves and all men of any race. In 1920, suffrage movement guaranteed women the right to vote. In 1965, the Voting Rights Act was passed to protect the rights of minorities and eliminates any poll tax. Finally in 1970, the age requirement was lowered to 18 years old.

I have always felt it a privilege and an obligation to vote. I do so with pride and honor. I do not vote a straight ticket. I research each fellow citizen. I also read up on laws to be voted on and try to make an informed decision.

vote paceTomorrow, I go back to where I voted for the first time when I turned 18. I remember being so excited. My mom took me and as we stood in line, I was so new and naïve. Knowing that by voting, I will put my mark on history to bring about change.



Checking it twice!

santaWe are getting ready for Christmas. Making lists for the little ones. Asking the older ones what they want. I have already created an event for a Cookie Exchange for early December. I invited 25 people for the exchange and I hope we get at least 20! I love the holidays! I think it is mostly the family getting together from just around the corner and many miles away. I also like the goodwill towards others; we tend to give to others more around the holidays. very sad but very true.

fishI was thinking of gifts for family and friends and trying to keep a budget – UGH. I have relatives and friends that have everything, they don’t need things. But everyone has a like, a hobby, a passion that is hidden if you look around. Mine is Santa Claus, I don’t like clutter, so I get to bring out my Santas at Christmas, display them and pack them until the next season.

While scrolling through United States Flag Store for a Santa themed Garden Flag. I thought what better way to stay in budget but to buy garden flags? For the holiday season there is Jesus, Santa, nature. There are snowmen and animals – so many different themes and motifs. They are just so many to choose from.

hummingbirdI thoumonogramght, What about the men in my life? There are all sports-themed (Pro and College), any branch of the military, golf, fishing, historical, nautical. I think I am on to a great idea! For the ladies in my life, hummingbirds, flowers, welcomes, and so many seasonal: spring, winter, fall, summer, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, St Patrick’s Day. Ok, I do not have to list them all – you get the idea! The ideas are not exclusive to gender because I have some picked out that would look great at my uncle’s home and that one is a farm theme. Pricing ifor the ones on my list range from $9.00 to $18.00. With that in mind, I am thinking for a couple presents, I can combine a gift for the home with a monogram instead of some gift they will re-gift next year! Happy Shopping!


National Airborne Day

 August 16, 1940 is the first established Army Parachute jump. In August of 2002, President George W. Bush put forth the proclamation for August 16th to honor the Airborne Forces, annually.

The idea of men jumping out of planes was not a new one, it was tossed just after World War I by General William (Billy) Mitchell. The General tested this out in San Antonio, Texas as a demonstration. Although the jump went well, the theory did not catch on here in America. During World War II, Germany started to use paratroopers in 1940 to quickly invade and surprise the enemy behind their own resistance. Triggered by the success Germany’s Fallschirmjäger , the US Military branches began a full-scale production to develop this type of warfare. In April of 1940, the War Department approved a test platoon of Airborne Infantrymilabr35p_-00_purple_illustration_airborne-flag-regular-3x5ft-polyester under the Army’s Infantry Board, this was set up at Fort Benning 29th Regiment.

In July of 1940, First Lieutenant William T. Ryder volunteered and was designated the Platoon Leader. Because of the rigid physical and health standards set, only 48 were elected out of 200 volunteers. Lieutenant Colonel William C. Lee, a staff officer for the Chief of Infantry, was intently interested in the test platoon. He recommended that the men be moved to the Safe Parachute Company at Hightstown, NJ for training on the parachute drop towers used during the New York World’s Fair. Eighteen days after organization, the platoon was moved to New Jersey and trained for one week on the 250-foot free towers.(

Because the towers worked so well the Army purchased brought them to Fort Benning. In less than 45 days, on August 16, 1940, out of a Douglas B-18 over Lawson Field the first drop was held. Out of these 48 men, they held a lottery to see who would go after Lieutenant Ryder and Private William N. (Red) King. On August 29, 1940, the platoon made the first mass jump in the United States. Less than 45 days it took these dedicated men to be ready for their first jump. That is crazy-brave.

The traditional paratrooper cry “GERONIMO” was originated in the 501st by Private Aubrey Eberhart to prove to a friend that he had full control of his faculties when he jumped. That cry was adopted by the 501st and has been often used by paratroopers since then.

The First all black 555 Parachute Infantry Company is remembered as the Triple Nickel. Another landmark is in December 1973, when Privates Joyce Kutsch and Rita Johnson became the first women to graduate from the Basic Airborne Course.