State Flags – New Hampshire

NHNew Hampshire, tucked away in the very upper right hand corner of the US, is the ninth state in the United States. Becoming a state on June 21, 1788, it is the 46th largest state in the United States.This state is near Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, plus it is also nearby to Canada.Portsmouth

Although the state flag for New Hampshire was designed in 1784, it was not adopted until 1909. The state flag of New Hampshire consists of a blue background and it features the state seal. Inside the seal has a ship sailing towards a large granite rock on clear blue waters. Behind the ship is a rising sun just below the horizon. Surrounding the seal is the words “Seal of the State of New Hampshire, 1776” along with yellow stars and laurel leaves circling outside.

MasonNew Hampshire got its name when it was named after the English county of Hampshire. It was named by a man named John Mason, who lived in Hampshire, England, as a child. He invested very heavily in this new land, clearing land and building houses in New Hampshire, but had died before he was able to even see his new land.

Nickname: The state’s nickname is “The Granite State” due to the fact that most of the mountains are made of granite.

Size Matters! This state is so small in size that there is only one area code for the entire state!

More Flag Fun: The largest American flag in the US was made in this state in 1914, measuring at 90 feet long and 50 feet high!

Flag of New Hampshire

The flag of New Hampshire was officially adopted in 1909. Prior to that time period, the state of New Hampshire had a number of regimental flags to represent the state. The flag has been modified only once since its adoption in 1909 when the state’s seal was modified in 1931.

Flag of New Hampshire

The body of the New Hampshire flag is blue. Upon the center of the flag rests the state’s seal with the frigate Raleigh. These are surrounded by laurel leaves and nine stars. The frigate Raleigh is tipped on the flag to appear as though it’s floating on water. The nine stars represent New Hampshire as the ninth state to enter the union.

New Hampshire Statutes state, “The state flag shall be of the following color and design: The body or field shall be blue and shall bear upon its center in suitable proportion and colors a representation of the state seal. The seal shall be surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves with nine stars interspersed. When used for military purposes the flag shall conform to the regulations of the United States.”

In a 2001 survey of members of the North American Vexillological Association, the New Hampshire state flag design was ranked as one of the ten worst flags within the United States, Canadian provinces, or select nations. In 2003, at least one elected official has suggested replacing the state seal in the center of the flag; however, no official action has ever been taken on that proposal.