Garden Flags

by Ed Horne

If you’re anything like me, when someone says the word “flag”, you automatically think of the American flag with its beautiful fifty stars and red and white strips. Well, if that’s true, it’s time we both started thinking outside the box!

Fall FlagFlags have come a long way and represent various things such as states, countries, sport teams, military units, religious symbols and much more. In addition to great variety, flags are now available in various sizes. One of my favorite items is the garden flag because it’s relatively small – they’re usually in the range of 12” x 18”. I find that their smaller size also makes them more affordable, which means I can purchase more flags for my money! Garden flags, like traditional flags, are available in a variety of themes. It has never been easier to show my support for my favorite football team (Go Steelers!) or to celebrate when all the neighborhood kids return to school. Soon, it will be time to pull out my Fall flags – at my house we love pumpkins and Halloween – and start decorating for the season! Another great garden flag feature is that the flags hang on an attractive garden pole, which I can pick up and move to any location in my garden. The flags are easy to swap out and are easy to store.

If you aren’t the type of person who likes these “miniature” flags, many of the same themes are available in a larger decorative banner style. Banners are typically 28” x 40” in size and are slightly more expensive than garden flags. Still bold and beautiful, these flags are hung using a flag pole kit which includes a bracket that mounts to the side of your home. These decorative flags are the perfect size to celebrate any occasion.

If you don’t already have a flag collection of your own there is no better time to start one! With Summer coming to a close, new Fall and back to school flags are sure to be in high demand.

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