NFL Flags

by Crystal Hammersley

There’s always a special feeling in the air around this of the year. It’s a feeling of excitement, anxiousness, and thrill of competition. Why? Because this past Sunday was the first NFL pre-season game, which means that the regular football season is only a few more weeks away!

Steelers Garden FlagOn Sunday evening, like two little children looking through a toy catalog and circling things we want for Christmas, my husband and I grabbed the latest issue of sports illustrated (which has a great breakdown of what players they think will be the top performers this year) and headed into the living room for kickoff.

We watched to see who looks good, who doesn’t, and what rookies look promising, all in an attempt to decide who we should draft for our fantasy football teams this year.

Living near Pittsburgh and being a Steelers fan is great. Just going to the grocery store to pick up dinner, I pass numerous displays of Steelers mugs, windows stickers, hats, jerseys and tons of other Steelers merchandise.

My Husband, however, is a San Francisco 49ers fan. Being over 2,000 miles away from his favorite team’s city means not only does he rarely ever get to watch them play, but we also never see his team’s merchandise in stores. We have to rely on shopping over the internet to help him support his team.

The United States Flag Store has a lot of great NFL products, including these new NFL flags. I couldn’t help myself and bought 2 of them, one for each of our teams, since I’ve never seen these in stores. The flags look great hanging on our wall, and are a great addition to my husband’s NFL hard hat and the other 49ers memorabilia he has on display. We’re also considering getting the garden flags for our front yard!

Whether your team is the face of your town or all the way across the country, you should check out these unique NFL items. You should especially take a minute to check out the tailgating flagpole which allows you to fly your flag during tailgate parties! They make great gifts too!

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