The Bosnian Flag – Symbol of Peace

The Bosnian flag is blue with a yellow isosceles triangle. The flag also features seven full stars and two half stars along the hypotenuse of the triangle (I just like using words like isosceles and hypotenuse).

The colors of the Bosnian flag—blue, yellow and white—are usually associated with neutrality and peace throughout the world. In fact, the kings of neutrality and peace, Switzerland and Costa Rica, both feature at least one of these colors on their respective flags. The colors of the Bosnian flag may have also been inspired by those found on the flag of Europe as well as that of the United Nations.

The three points of the Bosnian flag’s isosceles triangle are thought to stand for the three constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Bosniaks, the Croats, and the Serbs. The triangle is also meant to represent the map of Bosnia, which resembles a heart. Many people even call Bosnia the “Heart-Shaped Nation.”

The stars which run diagonally across the Bosnian flag represent Europe, and are meant to be infinite in number, thus continuing from top to bottom. Many people have speculated as to why the stars are infinite in number, but, much like the mystery surrounding how many licks it takes to reach the center of a Blow Pop, the world may never know—just kidding; I’m sure there’s a good reason behind the stars.

The Bosnian flag was created when the country won its independence from Yugoslavia in 1992. Before choosing the current design, other alternatives were proposed, including one which featured an olive branch. Other designs included the map of Bosnia as well as a lighter shade of blue.

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