Celebrate Easter with Festive Flags!

By Kristi Ries

The tulips are beginning to shoot up, grass is getting greener, birds are chirping and the sunshine seems to be permeating the world these days. Yes, spring is almost upon us, and with that comes all of the great things we look forward to at this time of year: warmer weather, beautiful blossoms and the Easter holiday!

But it’s not quite here yet. Yes, the days are getting longer, and the college kids are already breaking out their flip-flops and tossing Frisbees. But this is a bit premature, my friends. It will still take a few weeks for the sun to work its magic on the area’s foliage. Forests are still mostly brown and though buds are showing, there’s no sign of leaves blooming anytime soon. It feels as though winter has taken a strong hold of the world and aside from a few early bees, there’s no end to it in sight.

Until then, you’ll have to usher in spring on your own. Luckily, there are a few quick and easy ways to brighten up your home. Hang an Easter windsock from your porch to add some pizzazz to your favorite outdoor hangout. Or post a festive garden flag with white Easter bunnies to liven things up. (After all, you’ll be picnicking and grilling out sooner than you think!) It’s a fun and affordable way to make you’re your home is decorated inside and out. And there’s nothing like a cheerful spring chick or Easter bunny to get grown-ups and kids alike in the spirit of spring!

Maybe you have little ones who’ll be searching for their own baskets come Easter Sunday, or perhaps the grandkids are heading to your house for the annual egg hunt.

Either way, these bright, colorful Easter flags will be a fun-filled addition to your yard or garden!

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