The Serbian Flag

The Serbian flag, in one form or another, has been around for quite some time. The earliest known description of a Serbian flag dates from the year 1281. It comes from a list of treasures belonging to a Serbian king. The description says, “vexillum unum de zendato rubeo et blavo,” which apparently means, “a flag of fabric red and blue.” There is, however, no indication as to how the colors were patterned.

The earliest known drawing of a Serbian flag goes all the way back to the year 1339. The drawing appears on a map made by a famous Majorcan cartographer, Angelino Dulcert. According to the drawing, at that point in history, the Serbian flag featured a two-headed eagle against a yellow field.

During the time of the First Serbian Uprising, several other flags were made use of. One of these flag, featuring a cross and the colors red, white and blue, may be linked to the Serbian flag used today. Other Serbian flags flown during this time period consisted of such combinations of color as red and yellow, red, white and blue, and red and blue. The army taking part in the uprising also used light yellow flags with various symbols upon them, including a black, two-headed eagle.

Today’s Serbian flag is a tricolor made up of what are known as “Pan-Slavic” colors, which are red, blue and white. The colors are arranged in three horizontal bands of equal width. The modern Serbian State flag also features the coat of arms of Serbia, which consists of a double-headed eagle on red shield. The eagle’s wings and body are silver, while its tongues, beaks, legs and claws are golden.

The current Serbian flag was adopted as part of the new Constitution of Serbia on November 8, 2006. On that date, its usage, along with that of the coat of arms and the national anthem, became constitutionally sanctioned.

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