World Flag Patches

Wear your pride on your sleeve—or on your book bag—with the U.S. Flag Store’s beautiful World Flag Patches! The U.S. Flag Store carries a huge selection of the world’s most popular country patches. All patches are made of the highest quality materials, intricately designed, and are available in shield and rectangular shapes.  These patches are embroidered by machine to enable for exact replication of the tiny details found on many country’s flags.  All world flag patches have a vinyl backing, allowing them to be stitched or ironed on to clothing.  Shield-shaped patches approximately are 3” x 2.5” and rectangular patches are 3.5” by 2.25”.  Most patches are available at a low price of $2.49 each, but discounts are available for purchasing quantities of ten or more.  Order your favorite patches today!

Among the best selling World Flag Patches is the American Flag Patch Standard.  Intricately embroidered with all thirteen stripes and fifty stars, the patch also includes a gold trim border.  Discounts are available for purchasing five or more American Flag patches, so order some for your friends and family today!

Other rectangular patches, particularly those that have include the country’s seal, are very intricately embroidered.  The beautifully detailed seals on Austria’s country patch, or Mexico’s patch, are great examples of the high-quality patches available from the U.S. Flag Store.

Although the shield-shaped patches are not necessarily flag shaped, they display the country’s name at the top of the patch with the flag below it.  The United Kingdom patch or the Canadian patch, for example, are particularly elegant.

The world flag patches shown on the U.S. Flag Store web page represent the countries that the Flag Store carries in its inventory; however, many other countries and all of the U.S. state patches are available through special order at low prices.  For details, contact the U.S Flag Store by calling 1-877-734-2458 or emailing

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