Mailbox Covers

Are you tired of your same old, boring—and maybe rusty—mailbox? The U.S. Flag Store is here to help you give your old mailbox a makeover with a Mailwraps Magnetic Mailbox Cover! With addressable, seasonal, holiday, and animal mailbox covers, you’re sure to find something to spruce up your box!

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your street address, then consider personalizing a Mailwraps Addressables Mailbox Cover. With a huge variety of styles featuring turning leaves, birds, pumpkins, snowmen, flowers, and the American flag, you can customize your mailbox wrap to your own home’s style.

Christmas is in just a couple of weeks now, but it’s not too late to order your Christmas Mailbox Cover. The U.S. Flag Store has so many Christmas styles to suit your tastes: designs include whimsical snowmen, Christmas tree scenes, Santa, and poinsettia. But don’t forget the other holidays! At the U.S. Flag Store site, you’ll find mailbox covers for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Show off your patriotic American spirit with Mailwraps Patriotic Mailbox Covers featuring plenty of good old red, white, and blue! You’ll find a wide variety of patriotic mailbox wraps at the U.S. Flag Store’s website. Some of the designs available include an Addressables mailbox cover, a colonial flag, an antique flag, patriotic hearts, and a celebration flag. The U.S. Flag Store also has a “Support Our Troops” mailbox cover, featuring the yellow ribbon.

If you like to change your mailbox cover with the seasons, the U.S. Flag Store has a huge variety of season mailbox covers for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Designs feature everything you could imagine: from snowflakes and beach scenes to snowmen and mittens.

Do you have a plastic mailbox? Not a problem at the U.S. Flag Store! Just order a Mailwarps Adapter Kit for plastic mailboxes. The kit includes two self-adhesive “magnet receiver strips” that allow your mailbox to hold on to any of the U.S. Flag Store’s great mailbox covers!

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