Winter Garden Flags

Winter is here—complete with snow—and your home décor isn’t complete without a Winter Garden Flag from the United States Flag Store! With an awesome selection of designs and new ones always arriving, winter may get old, but your flags will not!

If whimsical flags are your style, you’ll find a great selection of adorable winter-themed flags. The Mitten Applique Flag features an cute mitten cutout decorated in bold blue, green, and purple colors. The flag is garden sized (12.5” x 18”) and is fade and mildew resistant. The Snowman Applique Flag is an absolutely adorable way to decorate your house! The flag features a smiling snowman donning a big black hat, scarf, and red patches. To top it off, a little red bird sits on a holly leaf on his hat!

If you really like snowmen, the United States Flag Store has several great snowmen flags. The Chilly Snowman Applique Flag features an appliqued snowman wearing earmuffs and a scarf looking at a bird in a Christmas tree. “Welcome” is written across the bottoms in a cute handwritten style, making it look like the snowman wrote the word himself!

The Snowman Pyramid Flag features six happy snowmen wearing hats, scarves, and mittens, standing on top of one another in a pyramid on a starry night. If six snowmen is too many, the Winter Snowman Flag features one chilly, but heartwarming, snowman wearing a Christmas-colored scarf, hat, and mitten. Two red bird fly in the green and red background. Best of all, this design is also available in a banner flag and mailbox cover to make a complete set!

The United States Flag Store also has a beautiful selection of scenic winter flags. Choose from plenty of bird flags featuring blue birds, chickadees, and cardinals. Or, welcome winter with a beautifully designed snowflake flag, all available at the United States Flag Store’s website!

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